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Alternative Energy

W2 Energy Corporation, California

Alternative Energy weather station

W2 Energy Development Corporation selected Columbia Weather Systems’ Orion Weather Station to provide meteorological data as they develop their latest project to capture wind energy.

The WindWing utilizes a lever principle and an airplane-like wing for capturing the force of the wind. This results in significant mechanical advantage for converting the wind’s kinetic energy into electricity, compressed air, or direct applications such as pumping water.

The Orion weather station is used with a custom-designed display with large LCD readouts. In the next phase, the weather data will be used to control the WindWing directly. WindWing incorporates a sensor system designed to measure the variables of wind direction and speed, with the ability to automatically shift the “angle of attack”, thereby allowing for maximum wind power conversion.

WindWing automatically adjusts for variable wind conditions thereby minimizing the threat of any mechanical damage at high wind speeds. Using airplane technology, the WindWing offers several advantages over wind turbine power generation. The WindWing costs less, offers much higher efficiency, and can operate at significantly lower wind speeds. An added advantage is that the WindWing is not a noisy neighbor as it operates almost silently.

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