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Medical Air Transport

Weather Monitoring for pilot safety

Air Evac pilots use real-time weather data and web cam images to plan their flights.

MedEvac Weather Station

A Capricorn 2000 weather station with Anything Weather web cam atop a hospital in Missouri. Photo courtesy of Anything Weather, Inc.

Up-to-the-minute weather information plays a key role in the safety program of Air Evac Lifeteam, the largest independently owned and operated membership-supported air medical service in the United States.

To help achieve their safety goals, Air Evac contracted with Anything Weather Communications to establish a network of live weather monitoring sites with real-time weather data and live webcam imagery. The ‘AnythingWeather System’ is an all-in-one weather station/web camera solution that provides remote weather monitoring where computers are not available.

Utilizing Capricorn 2000™ weather stations, the system requires only power and an Internet connection at the installation site. Currently, they have systems in Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee with the next systems scheduled for installation in Indiana.

Weather Data on the Internet

Live, real-time weather data and images are displayed on a comprehensive weather website hosted by

Most of the Air Evac AnythingWeather Systems are installed in remote locations tucked away in the middle of a valley or with near-by hills and mountains. Using the website, Air Evac pilots can determine whether it is safe to fly a helicopter into the area.

Several systems are installed at hospitals, where the helicopters routinely fly their flights for life. By quickly checking the web site before a flight, the pilots can recognize if fog or other inclement weather presents hazardous flying conditions and if so, they decide on an alternate route to another hospital.

In addition to the benefits of live webcam images, the real-time weather data can be used on-site to calculate variables such as estimated cloud ceilings, which helps the pilots make smart decisions that can save lives. includes additional weather components for each site, including hourly and 5-day forecasts, active severe weather watches and warnings, and complete historical archive displays in a monthly and daily format. The best part about this network is that hospitals, the local community, and anyone with Internet access benefit.

History of Safe Flights Translates to Peace of Mind

In its 17 years of operation, with over 120,000 patient transports, Air Evac Lifeteam has experienced zero weather-related accidents. The Anything Weather network gives Air Evac pilots peace of mind knowing that if the weather is bad and a flight for life is required, weather hazards can be avoided and lives saved, including those of the pilot and medical staff on board.

To view an actual Air Evac Lifeteam weather page, click on this link to visit the Stone River Hospital weather page.

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