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Announcing Partnership with Vlahi Systems

CERES gas plume software map showing weather data.

CERES gas plume dispersion modeling software showing live weather data from an Orion weather station.

Weather Station mounted on Woodlands, TX Hazmat truck

A recent training created a Sensor Driven-Plume Scenario with CERES where the data acquisition system was connected to a CWS weather station installed on the local Fire Department’s HAZMAT truck in The Woodlands, Texas. The vehicle was purchased through Siddons-Martin Emergency Group

A gas plume in the CERE software modeled using weather data from Orion Weather Station.

Gas plume in the CERES software is modeled using weather data.

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Siddons-Martin Emergency Website

Met Data from CWS Weather Stations Integrates “Seamlessly” Into Vlahi's CERES Plume Modeling Software

Columbia Weather Systems, a global supplier of weather stations to industry and government agencies, announces a partnership with Vlahi Systems, developer of CERES gas plume dispersion modeling software.

CERES (Chemical Emergency Response E-Service) is a collaborative application for chemical release event modeling, threat assessment, situational awareness, and protective action decision support.

“Accurate weather information is essential in any emergency response situation, but it is especially critical when dealing with hazardous material incidents. Integrating local live weather data with plume dispersion modeling and gas detectors can greatly enhance the ability to respond effectively and protect the public from harm,” says Cristian Stochina Streinescu, Founder and Managing Partner of Vlahi Systems.

Using the Weather MicroServer interface, data from any Columbia Weather Systems weather station can be incorporated easily into CERES to provide hyper-local met data for plume modeling and environmental awareness. Cristian adds, “The met station is very easy to connect to. It has an SAM station (ALOHA) output and CERES can be feed directly from that.”

“The Weather MicroServer interfaces with CERES software using Modbus TCP/IP interface. This makes the software compatible with all of our weather station models with a seamless interface,” explains Nader Khoury, President of Columbia Weather Systems. “The customer can then choose the system and configuration that best suits their needs.”

CERES free version offers access to ALOHA chemical dispersion model and to all ERG Guide 2020 emergency response distances in a Google Map environment. CERES PRO integrates live meteorological data, gas and radiation sensors data, live traffic, GIS data, emission sources and sensitive receptors, phone locations and fleet tracking devices with advanced government vetted models and guides. Special sensor driven algorithms are used for release source location identification and release rate estimation, to prepare for, respond to, and analyze chemical release, fire, or explosion events – anywhere – any time – on any device including an offline mode with automatic data synchronization for when internet connectivity is restored.

These features will be greatly beneficial to CWS weather station customers in the public safety market.

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