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Weather Monitoring Software

Weather Software

Weather Master (left) and Weather View 32 (right)

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We offer a variety of weather monitoring software solutions including our own proprietary Weather Master Software™ and third-party software for PC and Mac.

The Weather Master Software is very easy to use. We can see instant weather data on our office-mounted display screen or use it with our Air Plume program with the touch of a button.–TUALATIN VALLEY FIRE AND RESCUE HAZMAT TEAM

Weather Master™ is proprietary software optimized for Columbia Weather Systems weather stations. It provides computer weather monitoring, calculated parameters, graphing and trend displays and full technical support from CWS.

Additionally, Weather Master automates the processes of archiving weather data, alarm notification, interfacing with CAMEO/ALOHA, and updating weather web pages.

Weather Master can be custom engineered to meet specific industry requirements.

Weather Master Software Features:

  • Display and automatic logging of all measured and calculated parameters
  • Expandable SQL database
  • On-the-fly graphing and trend displays
  • Alarm notification
  • Multi-station data acquisition and monitoring
  • Automated CAMEO/ALOHA interface for plume modeling and evacuation corridor predictions

For more info with screen views: Go to Weather Master Software Page

Weather Master Software

An advanced, yet easy to use weather data management application for Mac OS X. It connects to any CWS weather station with a Weather MicroServer and directly to the Capricorn FLX Weather Station to provide a rich graphical representation of weather data, along with numerous data management and sharing features. And it has the look and feel that you expect from a Mac application.


  • Database
  • Spreadsheet
  • Graphing
  • Data Sharing with web-based networks such as Weather Underground and Citizen Weather Observer Program
  • Mobile iOS App

Requires Apple Macintosh Computer (PowerPC or Intel) with Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard or later.

Click for more information: WeatherSnoop

WeatherSnoop Software for Mac

Operating in Windows graphic environments, Weather View 32 helps you monitor, record, and store local weather data for current or future analysis. It can be used with any CWS weather station with a Weather MicroServer and directly with the Capricorn FLX Weather Station (no MicroServer required).

Weather View 32 Weather Station Software offers:

  • User-defined real time monitoring display and database
  • Monthly calculations for degree days heating and cooling
  • Full-featured graphing and printing capabilities
  • Alarm functions
  • User-selectable units of measure
  • Automatic data acquisition and storage.
  • Weather data updates on screen as quickly as weather station allows.
  • Includes climatological database for over 8200 locations in US with daily record data.
  • Calculated parameters include: wind chill, dew point, rate of change, and heat index.
  • Capture and display data, forecasts, satellite and Doppler images from the Internet.
  • Publish your weather information on the Internet as images and/or html pages.
  • Automatically download and display satellite images (or any other images available via HTTP) on your real-time weather screen.
  • Animate any retrieved images with a mouse click.
  • New Active Weather/Java Viewer feature allows visitors to your web access to your weather data in near-realtime with moving dials and indicators updated every second.
  • Capture conditions across the state or country via the NWS METAR FTP server.
  • Receive notification of alarm trips via audible, email, or pager.
  • Distribute email with current conditions at specified times daily.
  • View and print a variety of graphs and four standard types of reports.
  • Modem access for remote weather stations

Minimum computer requirements:

  • Pentium 200 or Equivalent
  • 48MB memory
  • 70MB of free hard drive space + 50MB per year
  • High color video card, mouse and CD-ROM
  • RS-232 port

Choose the Weather View 32 Weather Software version to fit requirements, Professional, Client/Server, and a Broadcast version with Slide Show and Transition Effects.

Click for more information: Weather View 32

Weather Display is an affordable, general purpose weather monitoring software with many specialized features and interfaces that will work with Capricorn FLX and any station with a Weather MicroServer. We do not sell or support it directly.

Available at: Weather Display

Weather MicroServer offering FTP output, XML web service, and Internet browser user interface. FTP output includes XML and CSV.Modbus TCP/IP interface is available through the Weather MicroServer. We partner with Kepware, offering KEPServerEX Modbus OPC Server Suite to provide OPC Data Access

For more information: Weather MicroServer