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Our professional weather stations provide instantaneous, on-site weather data for operational decisions in public safety and industries affected by meteorological conditions. Trusted by industry and government agencies worldwide. Call or email for personal assistance in selecting the right station for your application. Scroll down for a chart to compare weather station features.

CWS provided the professional guidance and product to suit our needs. This type of weather technology will help keep us ‘Tops in Ops far into the future." –David Schulz Airshows LLC

Orion Weather Station with impact rainfall


Popular all-in-one technology

Ultrasonic wind / Impact rainfall

Fixed Base
Vehicle Mount
Nomad Portable
Pulsar Weather Station with Doppler radar precipitation


Cutting edge all-in-one

Compass / Ultrasonic wind

Doppler radar precipitation sensor

Fixed Base

Magellan MX

Compass / GPS -- ideal for mobile

Multiple parameter configurations

Fixed Base
Vehicle mount
Magellan MX Portable
Modular weather station with mechanical wind sensors

Capricorn FLX

Modular system, mechanical wind

Multiple sensor options

Fixed Base
Vehicle Mount
Pegasus Portable


Professional Weather Stations, Professional Weather Monitoring

Weather Stations (aka met stations) manufactured by Columbia Weather Systems offer a range of meteorological parameters and sensor options, user-friendly monitoring options, multiple communication options, and superior customer service. We back all of our weather stations with a minimum of one-year warranty and free technical assistance.

"Thanks for all of your help. Your company has some of the best service after the sale that I have ever seen." ~ Michael McLean, EQC Department, U.S. Steel - Granite City Works

Compare Weather Station Features

For comparison purposes, starting prices include optional WeatherMaster™ software

  Orion™ Magellan MX™ Capricorn FLX™ Pulsar™
WIND SPEED ultrasonic ultrasonic standard reed switch ultrasonic
WIND DIRECTION ultrasonic ultrasonic standard 360-resolution ultrasonic
TEMPERATURE standard MX300, MX500, MX501, MX600 1 standard, up to 4 available models 500, 501, 502, 600, 601, 700, 800
HUMIDITY standard models 300, 500, 501, 600 standard models 500, 501, 502, 600, 601, 700, 800
BAROMETRIC PRESSURE standard MX300, MX500, MX501, MX600 standard models 500, 501, 502, 600, 601, 700, 800
RAINFALL standard impact optical (MX600) optional tipping bucket Doppler radar (600) or tipping bucket (601)
SOLAR RADIATION optional w/ MS* optional w/ MS* optional up to 2 models 501, 502, 700, 800
LEAF WETNESS NA NA optional optional model 601 only
ADDITIONAL TEMPERATURE optional w/ MS* optional w/ MS* optional up to 3 optional w/ MS*
VISIBILITY optional w/ MS* optional w/ MS* optional w/ MS* optional w/ MS*
INTERNAL COMPASS NA standard + GPS NA standard
HEAVY DUTY OPTIONS Heated sensor head optional NA Heavy-duty wind sensor optional
Heated rain gauge optional
SENSOR CONFIGURATION All-in-one All-in-one Modular system,
sensor selection
WARRANTY one-year standard
extended and no-fault available
one-year standard one-year standard

one-year standard 
SYSTEM STARTING PRICE** $4,701 $3,722*** (Model 500) $3,354 $7,385*** (Model 600)

*Optional sensor requires Weather MicroServer
**Price based on U.S. sale of fixed-mount weather station including all standard sensors and monitoring with optional Weather Master Software. For additional information including international pricing, call or email for a quotation.

***Magellan MX system price based on Model 500 with wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, compass and GPS, and including optional Weather Master Software.
***Pulsar system price based on Model 600 with Doppler radar precipitation, wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, compass, including the required Weather MicroServer and optional Weather Master Software.

Monitoring options for our weather stations include our proprietary Weather Master™ software as well as third-party software, our exclusive touch-screen LCD Weather Display Console, and our Weather MicroServer™ offering Internet-ready weather data and industrial protocols

Textual descriptions of our met stations with links:

Orion Weather Stations™
Orion Weather Station: State-of-the-art, ultrasonic all-in-one sensor technology
Orion Vehicle-Mount Weather Station: Compact, all-in-one sensor technology
Orion Nomad Portable Weather Station: Cutting-edge sensor technology packaged for rapid deployment

Pulsar Weather Station: Ultrasonic all-in-one sensor technology with compass and multiple sensor configurations, Doppler radar rainfall option

Magellan MX Weather Stations™
Magellan MX Weather Station: All-in-one with multiple sensor configurations, GPS and compass
Magellan MX Vehicle-Mount Weather Station: Compact sensor technology with GPS and compass for tactical mobility
Magellan MX Portable Weather Station: Rapid deployment weather monitoring with compass and GPS

Capricorn FLX Weather Stations™
Capricorn FLX Weather Station: Multiple parameter options for flexible sensor selection and placement
Capricorn FLX Vehicle-Mount Weather Station: Modular weather stations for vehicle installations
Pegasus FLX Portable Weather Station: Portable weather monitoring solution for tactical operations and research with modular sensor options

Weather MicroServer: FTP Output, XML web service, Internet browser user interface, and industrial communication protocols

Weather Display Console: Powerful, LCD touch-screen, digital weather console

Weather Software: Proprietary professional and third-party weather software

Weather Station Accessories: Radiation shield, masts and mounting hardware, weatherproof enclosures, surge protectors, solar power

Communication Options: Standard, Wireless, RS-422, and Ethernet, 4-20 mA signal