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Magellan 420 PLC Weather Station

Magellan 420 PLC Weather Station

The Magellan 420 Weather Station offers a complete weather station with 4-20 mA output for industrial PLC interface.

Magellan 420 Weather Station Includes

  • Magellan All-in-One Sensor Transmitter (with 50-foot sensor cable and mounting adapter) including:
    • Radiation shield with temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure
    • Sonic wind speed and direction sensors
    • Internal compass
  • Weatherproof enclosure
    • Two 4-20 mA converter modules
    • Power supply
    • AC surge protector
  • Recommended: Surge Protector
  • Optional Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

The Magellan 420 Weather Station combines a rugged multi- parameter weather sensor with an internal compass for critical weather monitoring with automatic wind direction alignment.

The 4-20 mA signal outpt interfaces to PLC, DCS and SCADA systems.

(Modbus/OPCcommunication is available with the Weather MicroServer monitoring any CWS weather station.)

Additionally, real time monitoring, data logging, and graphing are available with a stand-alone Weather Display Console and/or Weather Master Software. The Weather MicroServer can also be connected to offer Internet-ready data as well as additional industrial protocols.


  • Weather protected multi-sensor design
  • Optional tipping bucket rain
  • 4-20 mA current output for all parameters
  • Automatic self-alignment of wind direction using internal flux-gate compass
  • No moving parts make it superior to conventional mechanical wind sensors
  • Low power consumption
  • Rugged, all-metal construction
  • One year warranty

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Magellan 420 PLC weather station enclosure

A weatherproof enclosure houses

  • power supply,
  • AC surge protector, and
  • serial to 4-20 mA converters.

The Magellan 420 Weather Station incorporates the following sensors in a compact, rugged, metal all-in-one sensor head. Click to expand for specific sensor and measurement details.

A unique folded-path, low power sonic anemometer operates on the principle that the speed of the wind affects the time it takes for sound to travel from one point to a second point. If the sound is traveling in the direction of the wind, then the transit time is decreased. If the sound is traveling in a direction opposite the wind, then the transit time is increased.

The wind sensor has no moving parts, which makes it maintenance free. The measurement range for wind speed is from 0 to 134 mph (0 to 60 m/s) and for wind direction from 0 to 360°.

Barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors are housed in a powder-coated metal radiation shield.

Barometric pressure is measured with a stable transducer using nano-technology, yielding a linear and repeatable sensor with low hysteresis. The piezoresistive pressure sensor module is mounted on a small electronic circuit board.

A microcontroller controls the operation of the sensor and the data interface. The microcontroller polls the pressure sensor module once per second for the barometric and ambient temperature. The raw readings are temperature corrected by the microcontroller.

Temperature measurement uses a precision triple-element thermistor. This provides highly accurate and stable readings.

Humidity is measured with a capacitive polymer sensor. This construction provides excellent resistance to wetting, dust, dirt, oils, and common environmental chemicals.

The internal compass module is low power and compact. It employs a pair of magneto-inductive sensors which change inductance with varying magnetic field strengths, to sense the Earth's magnetic field.

The microprocessor measures the output of the internal compass and then corrects wind direction data for the orientation of the sensor. The output of the wind direction is relative to Magnetic North. A user-programmable value of Magnetic Declination may be entered through terminal mode to enable output relative to True North rather than Magnetic North.

The optional tipping bucket electric rain gauge is composed of a complex spun collector funnel with a knife edge that diverts the water to a tipping bucket mechanism. For each tip, a magnet causes an electronic pulse that is recorded. The rainfall sensor is completely automatic - spent water drains out of the bottom of the housing, hence, the instrument requires no servicing.

The rain gauge comes with a 50-ft cable that connects to the Interface Module along with the Magellan all-in-one sensor cable.

Accuracy: ±1% at 2 in./hr or less

Resolution: 0.01 inch

Heated rain gauge is available. Please call 1-866-625-8620 for details.

Wind Speed
Range: 0-134mph (0-60 m/s)
Accuracy: +/-0.5 m/s or 5% of reading
Resolution: 0.2 mph (0.1 m/s)
Units Available: knots, mph, km/hr, m/s

Wind Direction
Azimuth: 0-360°
Accuracy: ±5° at wind speed >2.2 m/s
Resolution: 1°
Units Available: ° Azimuth

Range: -40 to +140°F (-40 to +60°C)
Accuracy: ±0.2°C (0 to 60°C),
±0.5°C (-40°C to 0°C)
Resolution: 0.1°C
Units Available: °F, °C

Barometric Pressure
Range: 17.50 to 32.50 InHg (600 to 1100 hPa)
Accuracy: ±0.5 hPa (at 25°C)
Resolution: 0.1 hPa
Units Available: Kpa, mbar, InHg

Relative Humidity
Range: 0 - 100%
Accuracy: ±3% (at 25°C)
Resolution: 1%
Units Available: %RH

Accuracy: ±2°
Resolution: 1°

Optional Rainfall
Accuracy: ±1% at 2 in./hr. or less
Resolution: 0.01 inch

With the Magellan 420 Weather Station, monitoring is accomplished on the user's PLC device.

Additionally, dedicated weather monitoring is available with these proprietary options:Click a title to expand text for additional information.

FTP output (XML and CSV) • XML web service • Internet browser user interface

SNMP, Modbus/OPC and RTU communication protocols are standard for Industrial Management applications.

Compatible with CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program) and Weather Underground, the MicroServer can automatically post data from your weather station to these network websites.

Open Weather MicroServer Page

Weather MicroServer

Industrial grade WVGA touchscreen displays current weather data, trends, min/max.

Computes and displays wind chill, heat index and other calculated parameters.

Seven-inch color LCD panel with 800 x 480 pixel resolution.

Available in desktop/wall-mount chassis, 19" rack mount, or panel mount.

Open Weather Display Page

Color Weather Display

Weather Master™ is our proprietary software optimized for CWS weather stations. It provides computer weather monitoring, calculated parameters, graphing and trend displays, as well as automatic archiving of weather data, alarm notification, interface with CAMEO/ALOHA, and weather web page updates.

Additional software options are available including third-party software for PC and Mac.

Open Weather Master Software Page

Weather Software

Included with the Magellan 420 Weather Station is a 50-foot section of sensor cable which connects to the Weatherproof Enclosure.

Customer supplied 4-20 mA Signal Cables connect the Weatherproof Enclosure (screw terminal blocks) to the PLC device.

Additional monitoring options require their respective RS-232 Cable.

Magellan 420 Diagram

Due to the wide variety of installations, masts and mounting hardware are sold separately. The following items are available from Columbia Weather Systems. (Click to expand for details.)

For mounting wind sensor assembly; includes two five-foot sections.
Catalog Number: 88005

(May be used with Roof or Wall Mount Kit below.)

Includes universal mast mount, guy wire clamp, guy wire, lag screws, and eye bolt screws.
Catalog Number: 88002

(Does not include mast - User supplied or select steel mast above)

Open Hardware Kit PDF including diagrams

Mount weather station mast on a roof

Roof Mount Hardware Kit
(Catalog Number 88002)

Includes 4" wall mounts with lag screws.
Catalog Number: 88003

(Does not include mast - User supplied or select steel mast above)

Open Hardware Kit PDF including diagrams

Mount weather station mast to a wall

Wall Mount Hardware Kit
(Catalog Number 88003)

This tripod mast is designed to provide 8 to 10 feet of stable, secure support for your weather station sensors or other instrumentation. Set up takes less than five minutes.

Competitively priced and sturdy, the tripod is constructed from welded aluminum and anodized for appearance and longevity. The 15-pound tripod can support up to 60 pounds of equipment such as weather sensors on a 1" (outside diameter) vertical pipe stub.

Operational Features

  • Sturdy construction supports up to 60 pounds of equipment.
  • Legs insert easily into body and fasten securely with stainless steel retainer pins.
  • Guy wires clip quickly to feet for increased stability.
  • Includes tiedown kit for optional optimized stability.

Tripod Specifications

Capacity: Supports up to 60 lbs.
Diameter: 1" OD
Shipping Weight: 17lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions: 70" x 8" x 8"

Order Information

Tripod with Tiedown Kit, Catalog Number: 88019
Tripod Tote for storage and transportation, Catalog Number: 88009

Open Tripod Data Bulletin PDF

Weather Station Tripod Mast
Tripod Leg Joint
Tripod TieDown Kit

Universal mounting adapter to attach weather sensors to existing towers or alternate masts, even those with multiple instruments. Can be used vertically or horizontally. Aluminum construction. Includes three clamps for mast of up to 3” diameter.

Catalog Number: 88022

(Does not include mast - User supplied)

Open Diagram PDF

Weather Station Mount
Weather Station Mounting Adapter

Universal Mount for Tower/Mast shown above with Pulsar 600 Weather Station. (Catalog Number 88022)

The following accessories are available for Magellan 420 Weather Stations. Surge protection with the Lightning Arrestor is highly recommended. Click a title to expand text for additional information.

Three-stage surge protector, for data and power signals.

A nearby lightning strike may induce a high voltage surge which the internal suppressor of your weather instrument may not be able to withstand, causing significant damage to the weather station. Protect your weather station investment with a Lightning Arrestor.

This compact transient overvoltage suppressor is designed for weather stations in areas with an elevated risk of lightning strike.

  • Superior 3-stage surge protection
  • Tolerates up to 10kA surge currents
  • Both differential and common mode protection on each channel
  • Filtering against HF and RF noise
  • Two power channels and two data channels
  • Environmental protection class IP66

Catalog Number: 8355

Includes adjustable mounting clamp.

Open Lightning Arrestor PDF

Lightning Arrestor

Plugs directly into the Ethernet Port on the Weather MicroServer.

Catalog Number: 8356

Plugs directly into Serial Port on a computer or Weather MicroServer.

Catalog Number: 8353

The new battery back-up option provides continuous power to the weather station system in the event of an electrical outage. The 12VDC battery comes in a NEMA enclosure and can power a non-heated Orion LX Weather Station for up to three days. It is available for most weather station configurations.

Catalog Number: 8395-1
Enclosure Size: 12" x 10" x 6"
Enclosure: 16 gauge galvanized steel with polyester power finish
Industry Standards: NEMA/EEMAC Type 3R
Battery: 28 AHr Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable
Power Input: 88 - 264VAC
Power Output: 12VDC

Battery Backup

Magellan 420 Brochure

Open Magellan 420 Brochure PDF

Magellan 420 User Manual

Open Magellan 420 User Manual PDF