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Capricorn FLX™ Vehicle-Mount Weather Station

Capricorn FLX Vehicle-Mount Weather Station
  • Exterior sensors temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction each with 15-feet of cable to connector plate
  • Self-Aspirating radiation shield for temperature and humidity sensors
  • Connector plate mounts on truck for exterior sensor input cables to interior control module cable
  • Control module with internal barometric pressure sensor and 50-feet of cable to connector plate
  • Interior wall mount power supply
  • Telescoping mast (9-foot) and mounting brackets
  • RS-232 computer cable, 6 feet
  • One-year Warranty

The Capricorn FLX Vehicle-Mount Weather System provides weather monitoring for mobile Command Post operations. Internal system components are permanently mounted in the vehicle. The telescoping sensor mast and affixed sensors are detachable for transportation storage, then simply clicks into place once on-scene – ready for immediate operations. The entire system is operational within minutes to provide critical weather information where and when it is needed.

The Capricorn FLX features a durable aluminum/stainless steel wind direction and speed sensor. This sensor offers two-degree compass-point wind direction resolution and superior accuracy.

Weather Parameters Monitored • Temperature • Barometric pressure • Wind direction • Wind speed with gust and average wind • Relative humidity • Heat index • Wind chill • Daily max/min • Rainfall (optional)

The 9-ft telescoping sensor mast is made of rugged anodized aluminum, with heavy-duty powdered-coated steel mounting brackets which are permanently installed on the vehicle. An alternate collapsible roof mount mast is available.

Modular Sensor Options

Standard Capricorn FLX Vehicle Mount Weather Station includes the Control Module with internal barometric pressure sensor, wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity sensor housed in a solar radiation shield. Each sensor includes a 15-foot sensor cable that connects to a connector plate on the exterior of the vehicle. A custom sensor package can be built using any of the sensors elow including up to four temperature sensors.


  • Low power consumption (10 mA at 12 VDC)
  • RS-232 or RS-485 communication to monitoring options
  • Easy to attach parameter sensor channels
  • Two additional general-purpose channels
Capricorn FLX Control Module

Utilizing MEMS technology, the on-board barometric pressure sensor provides accurate pressure data with full temperature compensation. The sensor outputs are digitized by a high-resolution 24-bit analog to digital converter.

Accuracy: ± 0.03 in. Hg (1 hPa)

Range: 14.8 to 32.5 in. Hg (500 to 1100 hPa)

Resolution: 0.001 in. Hg (0.03 hPa)

Standard with one ambient temperature sensor with 50 feet of cable. Up to four temperature sensors can be connected with a maximum of 400 feet combined cable length. These digital, semiconductor-type probes all connect to a single port, reducing susceptibility to noise interference, reducing cost, and increasing accuracy. The sensors are calibrated at the factory.

Options include: Soil/Water Temperature, Panel Temperature, and Ambient Temperature Sensors

Accuracy: ± 0.9°F from +14° to 185°F (±0.5°C from -10° to 85°C), ± 3.6°F from -67° to 257°F (±2.0°C from -55° to 125°C)

Resolution: 0.01°F

The Capricorn FLX features a durable aluminum/stainless steel wind direction and speed sensor. The sensor offers 360-degree wind direction resolution and high accuracy.


  • Wind direction in 2-degree resolution
  • Wind speed displays as low as 1 mph
  • Quick-disconnect cable connector for easy sensor removal

Wind Speed:

  • Accuracy: ± 0.25 mph from 0 to 23 mph, ± 1% from 24 to 160 mph
  • Range: 0 to 160 mph
  • Resolution:1 mph
  • Starting threshold: 0.9 mph
  • Type: Sealed read switch

Wind Direction:

  • Resolution: 2 degrees
  • Accuracy: ± 4 degrees
  • Type: Precision Potentiometer

For installations subject to extreme weather conditions, a heavy-duty wind sensor is available with a heater option.

Wind Sensors

This capacitive relative humidity sensor is compact and easy to use. It can be easily installed in a self-aspirating radiation shield for protection from the sun and rain. This sensor offers long-term stability with minimal drift. Because the sensor is a capacitive device, it will not be affected by surface contamination in unclean environments. Since the sensor element is socketed and laser trimmed it can be easily replaced in the field without any additional calibration. The relative humidity sensor comes with a standard 50-foot cable and a quick disconnect connector.

Type: Capacitance

Accuracy: ± 3% (or better) from 10 to 90% RH at 68° F

Temperature Effect: less than <±1.5% RH from 14° F to 140° F

Stability: ±2% RH over 2 years

Reporting Resolution: 1% RH

Range: 0 to 100%

Relative Humidity

The optional tipping bucket electric rain gauge is composed of a complex spun collector funnel with a knife edge that diverts the water to a tipping bucket mechanism. For each tip, a magnet causes an electronic pulse that is recorded. The rainfall sensor is completely automatic - spent water drains out of the bottom of the housing, hence, the instrument requires no servicing.

Accuracy: ±1% at 2 in./hr or less

Resolution: 0.01 inch

Heated rain gauge is available. Please call 1-866-625-8620 for details.

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

The pyranometer or solar radiation sensor is calibrated to measure the shortwave radiation reaching the Earth's surface, measured in Watts per square meter.

Self-cleaning dome-shaped head prevents water accumulation.

Sensor head is potted solid to prevent internal condensation in humid environments.

Cosine Response: 45° zenith angle ± 1%, 75° zenith angle ± 5%

Absolute Accuracy: ± 5%

Uniformity: ± 3%

Repeatability: ± 1%

Output Responsivity: 0.200 mV per W m2

In full sunlight: 220 mV (1,100 W m2)

Linear Range: 0 - 350 mV (0 - 1,750 W m2)

Sensitivity: Custom calibrated to exactly 5.00 W m2 per mV

Input Power: None, self-powered

Operating Environment: - 40 to 55 °C; 0 to 100% relative humidity. Designed for continuous outdoor use. Can be submerged under water (with or without mounting screw).

Materials: Anodized aluminum with acrylic lens

Dimensions: 2.4 cm diameter, 2.75 cm high

Includes leveling plate, mounting bracket, and 50-foot cable.

Solar Radiation

Control Module
Dimensions: 5.8" L x 4.5" W x 2.4" H
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Input Voltage: 8-24VDC
Current Consumption: 10mA @ 12VDC

± 0.9°F from +14° to 185°F (±0.5°C from -10° to 85°C)
± 3.6°F from -67° to 257°F (±2.0°C from -55° to 125°C)
Resolution: 0.01°F

Accuracy: ±1% at 2 in./hr. or less
Resolution: 0.01 inch

Relative Humidity
Type: Capacitance
Accuracy: ± 3% (or better) from 10 to 90% RH at 68° F
Temperature Effect: less than <±1.5% RH from 14° F to 140° F
Stability: : ±2% RH over 2 years
Reporting Resolution: 1% RH
Range: 0 to 100%

Barometric Pressure
Accuracy: ± 0.03 in. Hg (1 hPa)
Range: 14.8 to 32.5 in. Hg (500 to 1100 hPa)
Resolution: 0.0001 in. Hg (0.01 hPa)

Solar Radiation
Cosine Response: 45° zenith angle ± 1%, 75° zenith angle ± 5%
Absolute Accuracy: ± 5%
Uniformity: ± 3%
Repeatability: ± 1%
Sensitivity: Custom calibrated to exactly 5.00 W m -2 per mV
Operating Environment: -40 to 55°C, 0 to 100% relative humidity

Wind Direction
Resolution: 2 degrees
Range: 0 to 360 degrees
Accuracy: ± 4 degrees

Wind Speed
Accuracy: ± 0.25 mph from 0 to 23 mph
± 1% from 24 to 160 mph
Range: 0 to 160 mph
Resolution:1 mph

Data Viewing and Monitoring

Select your desired method of data viewing and monitoring. Click a title to expand text for additional information.

FTP output (XML and CSV) • XML web service • Internet browser user interface

SNMP, Modbus/OPC and RTU communication protocols are standard for Industrial Management applications.

Compatible with CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program) and Weather Underground, the MicroServer can automatically post data from your weather station to these network websites.

Open Weather MicroServer Page

Weather MicroServer

Industrial grade WVGA touchscreen displays current weather data, trends, min/max.

Computes and displays wind chill, heat index and other calculated parameters.

Seven-inch color LCD panel with 800 x 480 pixel resolution.

Available in desktop/wall-mount chassis, 19" rack mount, or panel mount.

Open Weather Display Page

Color Weather Display

Weather Master™ is our proprietary software optimized for CWS weather stations. It provides computer weather monitoring, calculated parameters, graphing and trend displays, as well as automatic archiving of weather data, alarm notification, interface with CAMEO/ALOHA, and weather web page updates.

Additional software options are available including third-party software for PC and Mac.

Open Weather Software Page

Weather Software

The Capricorn FLX 420 offers 4-20mA signal output to interface to PLC, DCS, and SCADA systems.

Open Capricorn FLX 420 Page

Connection between sensor head and monitoring device

The Capricorn FLX Vehicle-Mount Weather Station includes 15-feet cable lengths for each sensor to the connector plate. Inside the vehicle, additional 50-foot sensor cables connect to the Control Module.

A standard 7-foot serial communication cable connects the Control Module to the monitoring device whether a computer, MicroServer or Display Console. Extra length RS-232 cable is available up to 200 feet, catalog number 8233.

VM Modular Weather Station Connection

Wireless transceivers offer a cable-free means to remotely monitor weather information when hardwire installations are not feasible or practical.

For fixed-mount weather stations, 2.4 GHz and 900MHz wireless transceiver options offer outdoor line-of-site range at one mile and 20 miles, respectively.

For Capricorn FLX weather stations, weather sensors are connected to the Control Module which is housed with a transceiver in a weatherproof enclosure. One or two transceivers are also connected at the data viewing point(s) — the Weather Display Console and/or computer.

These stations require power at the site of the weatherproof enclosure. This power can be AC, battery or solar. The Orion sensor head requires significantly less power and is a good choice for solar or battery-powered operation.

A wireless weather station system configuration would include the weather station itself with display or software, plus a weatherproof enclosure and transceivers.

2.4 GHz: FCC (USA), IC (Canada) and ETSI (Europe).
900 MHz: FCC and IC

2.4 GHz Wireless Transceiver

2.4 GHz Model, Catalog Number 8245

900 MHz Model, Catalog Number 8255

Catalog Number 8250

This device connects the weather station to a Local Area Network (LAN). At the monitoring computer a driver creates a virtual serial port and converts the data to be read by the available terminal program or weather software such as Weather Master or WeatherView 32.

For weather monitoring applications situated in a large facility such as an industrial plant or hospital, instead of running miles of cable from the weather station on the roof to a computer on the first floor, users can take advantage of existing LAN cables to hook up.

This device provides for the flexibility of placing the weather station anywhere close to an Ethernet connection.

Includes a power supply, driver, and Ethernet cable.

Ethernet Converter

Masts and Mounting Hardware

Included with this Vehicle-Mount Weather Station

A 9-foot telescoping mast and brackets are standard. The mast mounts permanently to the side of the vehicle. The sensors should be stored securely unless in use.


  • Fully adjustable telescoping pole
  • 58" outside pole and 48" inside pole
  • Heavy anodized aluminum
  • Twist lock for quick and easy height adjustment
  • Collapsed: 60"
  • Fully extended: 104.5"

Open Installation Instructions

Capricorn FLX Mast

This collapsible mast assembly is designed to be permanently mounted on a flat surface and folded away into the stored position. The sensor head should be stored securely unless in use.

Collapsible Mast (collapsed)


Footprint: 7.5" x 42"
Collapsed height: 5.5"
Extended height: 70"

Order Catalog Number: 88018

When ordering a vehicle-mount weather station, please specify Collapsible Roof Mount Mast with your order. It will replace the standard side mount mast system at no extra cost.

Open Data Bulletin: Collapsible Mast

Open Installation Instructions

Collapsible Mast

Collapsible Mast (shown with Magellan sensors)


The following accessories are available. Click a title to expand text for additional information.

For vehicles without built-in sensor storage, a heavy-duty Protective Storage Case is recommended to protect the weather sensors. Constructed of ultra-high-impact structural copolymer, making the case extremely strong and durable. It is unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof, offering total protection for sensitive weather-monitoring instruments.Catalog Number: 88177 (specify Capricorn FLX)

In addition to the standard one-year warranty, which is included with the purchase price, we offer standard factory warranty extensions on all weather station components in additional one-year increments up to a maximum of five years.

The Free One-Year Standard Factory Warranty and the Extended Standard Factory Warranty do not cover damage due to normal wear and tear, exceptional operating conditions, negligent handling or installation, or unauthorized modifications.

Warranty options can only be purchased with new orders.

Catalog Number: 85110

Open Capricorn FLX Brochure PDF

Capricorn FLX Brochure

Open Capricorn FLX User Manual PDF

Capricorn FLX User Manual


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