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What’s New ~ October - December 2009

Our Winter Weather ~ Extreme Cold. How About Yours?

Thankfully our offices were closed on December 29, so our employees didn't get stuck on their homebound commute when an unexpected snowstorm hit the Portland metro area.

How is your winter shaping up? Email your winter weather stories to

We had unusual weather throughout the month of December with extra cold temperatures earlier in the month. Fellow Oregon AMS* member Steve Pierce has compiled the following data as recorded at the Portland International Airport (PDX) ---

December 2009's monthly mean temperature was 35.6 degrees, nearly 5 degrees below normal.

December 2009 also saw the coldest stretch of overnight low temperatures in Portland Airport history, this early in the winter season, averaging 13.25 degrees from 12/8 to 12/11. This barely edges out the exact same timeframe in 1972 (12/8/72 to 12/11/72) when PDX averaged 13.75 degrees.

PDX recorded the single highest number of sub-freezing (32 or colder) December overnight low temperatures in nearly 25 years. There were 19 days with overnight lows at or below 32 degrees at PDX in December of 2009. The last time PDX saw more sub-freezing overnight lows in the month of December was in December 1985 when PDX recorded 25 days at or below 32 degrees.

(Note - The period of record used for this analysis is 1940-2009.)

The graphs at right show data from Hillsboro, Oregon roughly 20 miles west of PDX.

Steve Pierce is an Executive Councilor on the board of the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (*AMS).

Temperature Graph - Time/Temp

Date Time/Temp Graph

Temperature Graph - Max/Min

Daily Max/Min Graph

These graphs for December 2009 are generated from Capricorn 2000 Weather Station data at our Hillsboro, Oregon location, using WeatherMaster Software.

Internet Weather Monitoring and Auto-Updates for CWOP and WeatherUnderground Networks

Nov. 2009 -- Internet weather monitoring. The Weather MicroServer now has a real-time display screen serving up live weather data in a graphical user interface. (Viewable on Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera web browsers.) The R-T display does not require a screen refresh. It displays the main weather parameters and can be customized if required. Measurement units can be configured by the user.

Automatic network updates. The Weather MicroServer is now compatible with CWOP and Weather Underground weather networks. CWS weather stations with a MicroServer can now automatically update their data to these network sites.

If you already own a Weather MicroServer, contact CWS for a free upgrade.

Real-Time Weather Monitor

For more info click: Weather MicroServer

Weather Monitoring at Solar Decathlon

Refract House Wins Third in Net-Zero Energy Competition

Nov. 2009 -- Using an Orion LX Weather Station, Refract House by Santa Clara University and California College of the Arts won third place at the 2009 Solar Decathlon sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Read more on our applications page:

Energy Efficiency, Refract House

(Photos courtesy of SCU)

Big Screen Weather Monitor

Oct. 2009 -- Nomad Global Communication Solutions took “big screen” to the next level when they built an  emergency command trailer for Grafton County Sheriff’s Department (NH). Weather data is available for all to see on the side of the vehicle. The system uses a Capricorn 2000 Vehicle-Mount Weather Station with WeatherMaster Software.

Nomad GCS is a Montana-based specialty vehicle manufacturer with an innovative and extensive product line designed to support emergency personnel and first responders when they need it the most.

Weather Monitor

meatball weather sensor

Gastronomical Weather Sensors

Oct. 2009 -- In the event of a meatball shower, you won't miss out on collecting the weather data with our Orion Weather Station. The Orion's impact rain sensor measures precipitation including water turned to food by Flint Lockwood's brilliant invention in the new movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."

So whether weathergirl Sam Sparks predicts an ice cream snowfall or a spaghetti tornado, you can feel confident that your meteorological parameters will be measured with accuracy and culinary precision.

"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" is now showing in theaters around the nation. Check it out:

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