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Installing the Orion Weather Station on a utility pole.

An Orion Weather Station is installed on a UEC utility pole.

We have a new application feature! Umatilla Electric Cooperative is an electric utility company that serves a large portion of the Columbia Basin and Blue Mountain country in Northeastern Oregon.

Electric System Engineer Ryan Young recently gave us some insight to how they use weather data from an Orion Weather Station for vital decision-making at the utility. Learn more at the link below:

Read the Application Page Here

The Orion Weather Station mounted on the tower at the Union Sanitary District plant in California.

The Orion Weather Station mounted on the tower at the Union Sanitary District plant in California.

A wide shot of the tower with the weather station mounted on top.

A wide shot of the tower with the weather station mounted on top.

“We use our (Orion) weather station mainly for wind direction and speed which in return initiates plant odor neutralizer pumps to kick on via SCADA PLC commands. These pumps mix water and perfume and spray a fine mist to keep odors down at the waste water treatment facility. We also calculate rain events and forecast how much we may need to pump final effluent for a given day . . . no issues with the station, works good!”

Thanks to Mike Hovey of the Union Sanitary District for sharing these photos with us! Union Sanitary District is an award-winning wastewater treatment facility that services a population of over 356,000 in the California Bay Area.

The plant utilizes an Orion™ Weather Station, which is ideal for high-precision weather monitoring and can measure ultrasonic wind speed and direction, rain, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Union Sanitary District's SCADA system screens display real-time weather data from the weather station.

Union Sanitary District's SCADA system screens display real-time weather data from the weather station.

5 Reasons Smart Water Utilities Need a Weather Station

Orion Weather Station Page

A quick behind-the-scenes video clip as we continue working hard for our customers! Thanks for keeping us busy!

Riverside County Sheriff Department's new Mobile Command Post. The Magellan MX500™ Weather Station can be seen mounted near the front of the vehicle.

Riverside County Sheriff Department's new Mobile Command Post. The Magellan MX500™ Weather Station can be seen mounted near the front of the vehicle.

Magellan MX Weather Station Page

LDV Riverside County Sheriff Page

The Riverside County Sheriff Department recently received their new state-of-the-art mobile command post! Built by LDV, Inc., the vehicle features a Magellan MX500™ Weather Station with Weather Master™software and the Weather Display Console.

Sheriff Bianco notes: "Mobile command posts are a must for critical incidents, natural disasters, and some crime scenes . . . Today we took delivery of our first (of three) state of the art Mobile Command Post. This thing is amazing. It is a self contained office, conference room, computer center, cellular/wi-fi, and dispatch center.

"Our Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) personnel worked closely with the manufacturer to design and equip this from the ground up making it one of the most advanced and capable vehicles in the industry."

The Magellan MX Weather Station line is particularly suited for vehicle and portable applications requiring real-time met data on the go, such as mobile weather labs, incident command centers, and hazmat apparatus.

Trusted by government agencies and industry leaders around the globe, customers include GM, Cummins, Kinder Morgan, and General Electric.

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco with the department's new Mobile Command Post.

Sheriff Chad Bianco with the new Mobile Command Post.

Capricorn FLX mounted on roof of building

The Capricorn FLX™ Weather Station is mounted on the roof of Vincennes University's Updike Hall, which houses the School of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Funded by a NASA STEM grant, Vincennes University in Indiana purchased a Capricorn FLX™ Weather Station with the Weather MicroServer™ and Weather Master™ software. Assistant Professor of Geoscience Andrew Smith recently shared how the weather station has benefited multiple departments at the university:

“Data from the station is utilized by several departments and classes on campus. I use the data in my Intro to Weather and Climate and Earth Science courses . . . at least one agriculture class uses the data and surveying classes over in technology use the atmospheric pressure data so they have the most accurate information for surveying projects on campus.

“I would absolutely recommend this station. Installation was pretty straightforward and it has been reliable thus far. I appreciate the flexibility it offers in terms of data that can be displayed and downloaded. Columbia technical support was very prompt and helpful when I reached out with a question. Plus, it looks really cool on top of our building!”

Read Full Case Study Here

Orion AQM Weather Monitoring System

The Orion AQM-Complete measures gaseous pollutants, met parameters, and particulates.

Orion AQM™ Air Quality Monitoring systems provide immediate, on-site data for analysis, compliance, and decision-making. All three models include the basic meteorological parameters of temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Orion AQM-PM model includes Particulate Matter PM2.5 and PM10, and the Orion AQM-Gas measures common gaseous pollutants nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, carbon monoxide, and ozone.

Our recently updated brochure and presentation can be found at the link below.

Click Here for Air Quality Monitor Page

Mobile Weather Lab

Mobile Weather Lab reporting out in a snowstorm.

KCNC – CBS4 station in Denver, CO utilizes Pulsar™ Weather Stations with MicroServers and WeatherMaster™ Software for both their Mobile Weather Lab and their fixed-base rooftop equipment.

“To my pleasant surprise the device was rock solid reliable and comes online very quickly. In our weatherlab your weather stations are used for ‘show and tell’ and adds to the visual storytelling for the viewer."

CWS tech Vincent has done some recent work to customize their WeatherMaster software with the CBS logo as well as screen size to better fit their monitor.

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Solar 2 Capricorn FLX Weather Station

The Solar 2 Capricorn FLX Weather Station

Extreme summer weather conditions, frequent power disruptions due to aging infrastructure, and distance from the main power grid put the Chemehuevi Tribe community near Lake Havasu, Arizona community at risk.

To mitigate this issue, a microgrid system was installed at the Community Center, which serves as an emergency response cooling center during power disruptions. The microgrid integrates the Solar 2 Capricorn FLX Weather Station with solar panels, battery storage, advanced data analytics, and smart energy management controls.

Alfredo Martinez-Morales, Managing Director of the Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy, said the weather station “helps monitor some of the data that is important for us to perform efficiency calculations in terms of solar prediction… This project has the dual benefit of providing an environmentally friendly power system for the tribe while allowing researchers to study a system that could become a model for people in California and elsewhere.”

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The weather station is mounted on a tower at the substation control building.

The Imperial Irrigation District in Southern California installed an Orion™ Weather Station at a remote substation that is regularly impacted by wind storms, flash floods, and extreme summer temperatures.

Bethany visited the site on a recent trip and spoke with IID Communications & Control Technician Mizael Huereque, who explained how engineers utilize on-site weather data for critical substation operations. These reasons include:

➡️ Preparing to supply power from secondary substations to sustain increased load by monitoring high temperatures in the summer months.

➡️ Anticipating and preparing for fallen trees and power lines by monitoring wind speeds during storms.

➡️ Adjusting transmission line ratings for efficiency and equipment damage mitigation by factoring temperature, wind speed, and solar radiation data.

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Final shipment via UPS out the door on a large order for one of our regular aerospace customers! Check out this quick video for a timelapse.

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