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This new video (about 3 minutes) gives an overview of CWS’s proprietary weather monitoring software with WeatherMaster 5.0™ PC software offering:

  • Real-time met sensor monitoring including calculated parameters
  • Data logging, trend graphs, and reports
  • Multi-station monitoring
  • Alarm notification
  • Automatic CAMEO/ALOHA interface for hazardous chemical plume modeling
  • Automatic interface to Weather Underground

Weather Master Software PAGE

Environmental Monitoring for Optimizing Solar Power Generation Efficiency White Paper

"Weather Stations for Solar Power Monitoring" white paper

Cleanspark, a microgrid company with controls for distributed energy resource management systems, uses a Solar 2 Weather Station from Columbia Weather Systems to give context to their performance metrics.

They use weather-corrected solar generation data, based on measured irradiance from the weather station, versus modeled irradiance when calculating actual performance versus modeled for contractual obligations. Additionally, weather data “will be the basis of certain alarm conditions as well as reporting,” according to Bryan Huber, chief operations officer. “Weather information is highly useful for load and production forecasting.”

Based on the CWS’s flagship Capricorn model, the Solar 2 Weather Station includes barometric pressure, mechanical wind speed and direction sensors, and temperature and humidity sensors housed in a radiation shield, in addition to panel temperature and solar radiation sensors. Individual sensors allow for optimal sensor placement.

A custom sensor configuration can combine a variety of sensor options including up to four temperature sensors and two solar radiation sensors.

Our new White Paper "Weather Stations for Solar Power Monitoring" describes additional options for weather monitoring for the solar energy industry.


CWS anniversary dinner

Thanks for 21 years!

A quick snap from our Anniversary Dinner last weekend, just for the record.

WeatherMaster 5.0™ i

WeatherMaster 5.0™ Main Screen

Link to Weather Master Software Page

WeatherMaster 5.0™ is a major release, updating the CWS proprietary weather monitoring software to standardize to the new design of the Weather Display and Weather Server.

  • HTML-based display screens make it easy for us to add graphical features and customize screens including wind roses, trend graphs, and logos for customer branding.
  • New Daily Statistics screen integrates Max/Min and other statistics for a more complete data snapshot.
  • New Latest Measurements screen reveals all available parameters, including specialized calculated parameters such as Wet Air Density.
  • The new platform will make it easier to add features in the future for general development and specific user requirements.
  • Better synchronization with the Weather MicroServer provides a unified user experience.

Current WeatherMaster customers contact us for a free upgrade. Once your customer status is verified, we will send you an email with a link and instructions to download the new version.

Capricorn FLX™ Weather Station

Capricorn FLX™ Weather Station with added rainfall and solar radiation sensors for Galaxy Investments.

Positive feedback from customers was a great way to start 2019!

An Engineering Consultant from Kinston, NC noted: “so far the Orion 420 is a big hit... the analog interface to our controls system worked out very well. You guys did a good job putting it all together for an easy ‘top of the buildings’ install."

Pictured is an installed Capricorn FLX™ Weather Station (a particularly complicated foreign sale) that came with a message from a lead engineer at Galaxy Investments: “Thanks for your ever-supportive responses.”

At Columbia Weather Systems, we pride ourselves on personal customer support and responsiveness. It’s always nice to hear when our efforts are appreciated!

Orion 420™ Weather Station​

Capricorn FLX™ Weather Station​

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