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TMJ News Storm Chaser with CWS Weather Display

A screenshot of the TMJ News segment with a view of the CWS Weather Display in the background.

Thanks TMJ4 News for a great walkthrough of your new Storm Chaser vehicle! Watch to catch a glimpse of the Magellan MX600 Weather Station mounted on the roof and the Weather Display on the interior.

“We want to be able to show first-hand weather that could be coming to your neighborhood and if were able to do that, then I think we did our job,” commented Chief Meteorologist Brian Niznansky. Their website notes: “The Storm Chaser is SE Wisconsin’s only mobile weather lab. It’s just one tool that allows Storm Team 4 to keep you ahead of severe weather.”

Watch the video walkthrough here

Pulsar 800™ Weather Station mounted on a maintenance building.

A Pulsar 800™ Weather Station mounted on a Penn Color maintenance building.

A Pulsar™ Weather Station was recently integrated with Penn Color’s building automation systems. The on-site, real-time weather data will be used to improve operations at their headquarters in Hatfield, PA.

“We are using the weather station for several things,” says Control Engineer Dan Cole.

“A PLC is reading the weather data via modbus. That data is being logged by our server. We plan to correlate that data with some of our production process data points. For example, how does temperature and humidity affect some our production processes and finished goods quality.”

Learn more about Penn Color’s weather station application at the link below.

Read the Full Application Story

CWS President with Vaisala representatives at the office

(L-R) CWS President Nader Khoury, Vaisala representatives Wyatt Bishop, Mikko Krapu

We welcomed Vaisala representatives to the office from Colorado and Finland last week! Wyatt and Mikko met with our team to discuss exciting weather tech currently in development. Vaisala sensor technology is integrated into several of our environmental monitoring systems. Looking for ways to make weather monitoring easier, more efficient, and more valuable to our customers is always on our minds. Thanks for coming!

Check out this new video for a quick review of our CWS Weather Monitor App including the latest version with these updated features:

  • A new History feature shows data from yesterday and today with Temperature, Wind, Barometric Pressure, and Rainfall graphs.
  • The new Overview shows key current data from your active weather stations.

The CWS Weather Monitor App makes it easier to quickly check current weather conditions from a hand-held mobile device for decision-making in the field.

Real-time monitoring screens display standard met parameters. National Weather Service forecasts are available for any US zip code. Alarm notifications are customizable via the Cloud Weather Server.

The CWS Weather Monitor App is compatible with all CWS weather stations that include the Weather MicroServer. The app is free to download for both Apple and Android devices – search for Columbia Weather Systems.

Weather Monitor App Page

Magellan MX Weather Stations with added heated option

Heated options now offered for select Magellan MX™ models.

In climates where wintry weather affects the accuracy of meteorological equipment, heated sensors can help prevent frozen precipitation from accumulating and causing faulty data. We are happy to now offer heated options for the Magellan MX™ 600, 501, and 500 Weather Station models.

Magellan MX Weather Stations

The Orion Weather Station has a Pressure, Temperature, Humidity (PTU) module that can be replaced in the field with virtually no down-time. Electronic measurement equipment can drift in accuracy over time.

For many applications, this minimal drift is acceptable. But for some regulatory-compliant or very sensitive applications, customers can ensure factory-calibrated accuracy by replacing the PTU module per the manufacturer’s recommendation every two years. Each replacement PTU module comes with a factory calibration certificate.

Examples of customers who replace their PTU module regularly include energy companies like Alliant and Dominion, Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts wastewater treatment facilities, and Ford Motor Company Proving Grounds.

Watch this quick new video tutorial that demonstrates how to easily replace the module.

Screenshot of MicroServer display showing the snow precipitation type

The Weather MicroServer display shows snow reading.

Leap year brings an extra day of winter! “…because official meteorological winter is December through February, Leap Day is the last day of winter, which means Leap Years have an extra day of winter!”

Click here for a clip of the “wintry mix” that we had this week, as noted by the Pulsar 600 Weather Station’s Doppler radar precipitation sensor.

Pulsar Weather Stations

Construction workers outdoors in the summer heat.

The CWS Heat Stress System was developed to help keep workers safe in extreme heat and humid environments.

We are excited to release our latest white paper "How to Measure WBGT to Mitigate Heat Stress" written by our long-time friend and associate, meteorologist John Crosby. John has over 40 years of hands-on experience with meteorological, aerospace, and industrial sensors.

We first worked with John when we integrated his EnviroTech visibility sensors into CWS weather stations. It was fun to meet in person when the AMS meeting came to Seattle. Most recently John has been working as a consultant under WXSensors, LLC. This guy knows what he is talking about!

We welcome his wealth of meteorological knowledge and insights for this new white paper. Read it at the link below:

How to Measure WBGT to Mitigate Heat Stress

Weather Display inside Storm Chaser vehicle

Weather Display inside the Storm Chaser (Photo courtesy of Accelerated Media)

WTMJ News's Storm Chaser is ready to tackle the elements and report live weather conditions with the Magellan MX600™ Weather Station and Weather Display. Another rugged, custom-built broadcast rig built by Accelerated Media!

Storm Chaser vehicle with CWS weather station mounted on top

WTMJ News' Storm Chaser truck (Photo courtesy of Accelerated Media)

Happy New Year 2024 graphic

Thank you to our customers both near and far for a successful 2023! Cheers to the New Year!

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