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Marketing Weather Stations

Experiencing, enjoying and measuring the weather for former broadcast engineer of 41 years Michael Koenig has truly been “a lifelong passion". He began building his own weather instruments while still in early grade school.

Recently retiring to southwest Florida, a region known for having the most thunder and lightning storms in the country, he reached out to CWS to acquire a high-performance station to track the anticipated "crazy weather". He eventually selected an Orion Weather Station.

Michael wrote that he chose CWS because we:

  • Offer the highest technology possible across all market segment and price points,
  • Have great system integration between all components, and
  • Provide “exemplary” customer service.

“Thanks for delivering a stellar product" Michael comments. "I can't think of a more capable station for southwest Florida!”

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Marketing Weather Stations

Bethany is our Marketing Intern

Weather Station Software Intern

Alex is our Software Intern

We are happy to welcome two of our summer interns.

Bethany Villero just graduated from George Fox University with a degree in Business Management. She will be assisting in our marketing department. Besides a “fascination for storms and cloud formations,” Bethany has run her own portrait photography business for six years.

Software intern, Alex Pulido, is working on our proprietary Cloud Server and other monitoring products. This internship will complete Alex’s Web Development degree from Portland Community College.

Another marketing intern will be joining us in June from Portland State University.

Welcome aboard!

Smart Water Weather Monitoring

Show and tell Weather MicroServer system diagram for the AWWA presentation.

Nader gave a presentation on weather monitoring to the AWWA’s PNWS Oregon Subsection April Meeting hosted at the North Clackamas County Water Commission.

With the rise of data-driven decision-making and inter-agency collaboration, weather monitoring is becoming increasingly important across government agencies. The Internet of Things movement is a big drive toward Smart Everything – Smart Phones, Smart Cities, Smart Governments. With the integration/interoperability of city-wide agency systems, “Smart Water” plays a significant role and weather monitoring can be a part of it:

  • Monitoring for drought/flooding
  • Stormwater management
  • Data points and more

Weather stations can be a tool to provide information for analysis, to make data available to other agencies, and to the public.

In an our quest for continual improvement and meeting customer requirements, we have added a DNP3 Serial interface to the Weather MicroServer.

DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) interface is mainly used in process automation systems used by utilities such as electric power, water/waste, transportation and the oil and gas industry.

The DNP3 Serial interfaces via an RS-485 port with configurable baud rate as well as master and slave addresses.

Additional information:

Mobile Weather Authority

Mobile Weather Authority features Magellan MX500 and Weather Master Software.

A mobile broadcast communication truck and “rolling weather station” provides 13WHAM television station in Rochester, NY a unique tool to accomplish their goals:

  • Track Western NY Weather
  • Educate students in meteorology
  • Maintain competitive advantage

The Chevy SUV features the Magellan MX500™ Weather Station and Weather Master™ Software. Click a link below to read more.

Mobile Weather Authority Case Study PDF

Mobile Weather Authority Application Page