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What’s New: June - September 2010

Government weather station

GSA Contract Renewed and Modified

Oct. 2010 – Good news for US federal government agencies! We have successfully renewed our Government Services Administration (GSA) contract. Our first Capricorn model weather station was awarded a GSA contract about 20 years ago. Contracts are reviewed every five years.

This recent contract modification includes updating our GSA products to include all our latest weather stations and accessories such as the Magellan Weather Station™ with internal compass, the Orion 420 Weather Station™ with 4-20 mA output, and the Internet-ready Weather MicroServer™.

For participating agencies, our weather stations can be purchased through GSA Advantage.

GSA Contract Number GS-07F-5454R

Virginia Tech Wins SDEurope with Orion 420™ Weather Station

Sept. 2010 – In case you've been wondering, results of the Solar Decathlon Europe are in and "lumenHAUS" won! They used our Orion 420 Weather Station to help monitor for energy efficiency.

At right, the team celebrates their victory with trophy in hand. Congratulations!

Story from Virginia Tech

Solar Weather Station Winners

Image courtesy of SDEurope.

Hazmat Weather Station

Iowa Hazmat Teams Outfit with Magellan Portable Weather Stations

Sept. 2010 – Eight Magellan portable weather stations™ are slated for the Des Moines Fire Department. According to Captain Robert Cox, the state of Iowa has set up seven WMD Hazmat teams to respond to WMD events anywhere in the state.

Apparatus for each team will be outfitted with a Magellan portable weather station and WeatherMaster Software™ for use on all hazmat runs to support decisions such as evacuation of downwind areas.

Canadian Coast Guard Chooses Orion Weather Station for Arctic Installation

July 2010 – CWS President Nader Khoury recently travelled to Prescott, ON, Canada to train members of the Canadian Coast Guard on the Orion Weather Station in preparation for their installation in Killiniq, Nunavut at the extreme northern tip of Labrador.

A heated Orion weather station with visibility sensor will be used to monitor weather conditions in this remote outpost in the Canadian Arctic.

Data will be collected with a Weather MicroServer and monitored remotely with WeatherMaster Software from the Prescott Station.

Canadian Coast Guard Weather Station

Zero Energy House Weather Station

solar house weather station

Photos courtesy of Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design.

Orion 420™ Weather Station Travels to Spain with Lumenhaus

June 2010 – The Solar Decathlon - Europe begins in Madrid this month and the Virginia Tech Solar House is competing using an Orion 420 weather station with Weather MicroServer and WeatherMaster Software to help optimize energy usage.

"Lumenhaus" was originally designed and built for the 2009 U.S. Solar Decathlon. At the turn of the New Year, the house was on Times Square in New York for four days exhibit and an appearance on Good Morning America.

weather station search

Searching for weather on Google

June 2010 – Remember the Superbowl ad that told a love story through Google Search? Well, in honor of small business week, Google offered us the chance to write our own search story.

Turn on the audio and click here or on the image to view the result: Weather Here and Now

The moral of our story? Professional weather monitoring – right where you need it, right when you need it.

(And here is the love story ad in case you've forgotten: )

Weather Here and Now

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