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What’s New: October 2010 - January 2011

New Color Weather Display Console

Jan. 2011 – We are now shipping the new Color Weather Display with no price increase over the previous monochrome Weather Display. The Color Weather Display Console displays weather data from your CWS weather station and performs complex computations to display calculated parameters such as wind chill and heat index.

The new console contains an industrial-grade, 7-inch WVGA LCD touchscreen panel and is powered by a Single Board Computer with a 200MHz ARM9 CPU.

A singular advantage is the addition of Ethernet connectivity. The Weather Display can connect directly to a weather station with the serial port or connect to a Weather MicroServer over a network utilizing an existing Ethernet infrastructure - no extra wiring. The MicroServer configuration also allows for data from one weather station to be monitored from multiple display consoles at various locations.

The main viewing screen can be factory-customized for special industry-specific requirements.

The new display works with any CWS weather station and is available in three formats: desktop, 19" rack mount, and panel mount.

Weather Display

New Color Display Console shown with Magellan Weather Station all-in-one sensor

Weather Wiz

From the 2011 Hudson Valley Weather Calendar

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WeatherWiz Curriculum

American Meteorological Society

WeatherWiz Curriculum Developer Honored by AMS

Jan. 2011 – Free weather curriculum for grades K-12 is available online thanks to meteorologist Jim Witt. The WeatherWiz program teaches students to use freely available information to make forecasts like professional meteorologists.

This week, Witt will receive a special award from the American Meteorological Society: "For innovative leadership in teaching high school meteorology, mentoring, and inspiring his students to accomplishments in the meteorological community and in life."

Offering long-range forecasting services, Witt is dedicated to education and charity. Each year he offers a Hudson Valley Weather Calendar which has raised over $2 million for the Hope for Youth Foundation.

Congratulations to Jim Witt and the other AMS Award Recipients!

Gresham Fire Weather Station

Dual-Mount Weather Station Used by Oregon Hazmat Team

Dec. 2010 – Gresham Fire and Emergency Services, Oregon's Region 3 Hazmat Team, utilizes a unique dual-mount option from Columbia Weather Systems. Their weather station can be used for both vehicle-mount and portable weather station configurations. Data is monitored with the Weather Display (shown above top-right) in the truck and also with WeatherMaster Software.

On a dual-mount weather monitoring system, mounting hardware is installed permanently on a vehicle and the portable mounting system is stowed. The portable installation includes a tripod mast as well as a weatherproof enclosure with battery pack and transceivers (shown above, lower right-hand photo).

Weather sensors are easily mounted to either mast depending on the situation. Quick-cable connectors provide sensitive electronic wiring with maximum protection from harsh environmental elements as well as easy installation of the weather station sensor array.

For monitoring weather parameters, Gresham uses a Weather Display console mounted inside the vehicle as well as WeatherMaster Software with automatic interface to CAMEO/ALOHA.

Dual-mount weather station options are available for all CWS models.

Eglin Air Force Base Operates Four Orion LXs

Nov. 2010 – Four Orion LX Weather Stations are used for "isolated weather monitoring for security equipment" at Test Site C-3 of the 46th Test Wing at    in Florida. Eglin AFB is the premier test and evaluation center for Air Force air delivered weapons, navigation/guidance systems and Command and Control systems.

Orion LX Weather Stations utilize the all-in-one sensor head with ultrasonic wind speed and direction, impact rainfall, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure in conjunction with the Weather MicroServer. The Weather MicroServer offers XML, FTP and common industrial interfaces.

Military Weather Station

An F-22 Raptor performs a flyby at Eglin AFB. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Anthony Jennings)

LumenHAUS Weather Station

The Orion Weather Station sensor head is mounted on the tower. Virginia Tech uses the 4-20 mA option to connect the weather station to a PLC (programmable logic controller).

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Photos courtesy of Virginia Tech.

Photos from LumenHAUS™

Nov. 2010 – Featured at the April 2011 Green Building Focus Conference and Expo, will be LumenHAUS, Virginia Tech's winning entry in the Solar Decathlon Europe.

Robert Schubert, Associate Dean of Research, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, reports that "weather station information is used for monitoring outside conditions, as well as taking reactive and anticipatory actions." Such actions might include closing shades and insulating panels based on temperature and/or wind conditions.

LumenHAUS was on display at the GreenBuild Convention in Chicago in November.

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Orion 420 Weather Station

Oregon AMS Hosts Record Winter Weather Event

Nov. 2010 – Our local Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society is the largest non-student chapter with over 125 members. A record crowd turned out for the annual October Winter Weather predictions -- 350 capacity in the OMSI Auditorium with overflow in the foyer.

Member Oregon American Meteorological  Society

Oregon Chapter ~ American Meteorological Society.

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