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David Schultz Airshows LLC, Pennsylvania

Aviation Weather Station with plane
Aviation Weather Station with parachute

David Schultz Air Shows LLC relies on the Pegasus EX weather system to make their aerial events safer. “A reliable, mobile Aviation Weather System is an absolute must at some of the locations that we do flybys and air shows,” says David Schultz, president. “From beaches to high terrain, being able to give our pilots, parachute demonstrators, and other participants real time winds, altimeter, density altitudes, temperature, and other vital information makes the aerial event safer.”

While many of the airport locations have an air traffic control tower, automated weather station, or Flight Service Station, getting an instant reading is invaluable. “Participants appreciate the fact that we operate this equipment and are amazed that we continuously raise the bar of professional aerial event coordination and operational services by introducing new equipment to our air show locations,” says Schultz.

“Traveling all over the world, we looked at numerous weather stations,” says Schultz. “The folks at Columbia Weather Systems provided the professional guidance and product to suit our needs, while maintaining the mobility that is required in our business. From giving the pilots the current density altitude and altimeter, to the latest winds at the surface for our parachute jumpers, the information obtained by the Pegasus is a tremendous asset. Having this type of weather technology will help keep us ’Tops in Ops’ far into the future.”

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