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Broadcast Meteorology

KCNC - CBS4 Denver, CO

Tracking met data and crazy Colorado weather with Pulsar™ Weather Stations

“To be honest I was skeptical that the Pulsar would last very long on the roof of a Chevy Suburban deliberately driven through our crazy Colorado weather,” broadcast engineer Chris Jones described how they use their CWS weather stations at KCNC – CBS4 in Denver, CO.

The station utilizes Pulsar™ Weather Stations with MicroServers and WeatherMaster™ Software for both their Mobile Weather Lab and their fixed-base rooftop equipment.

“When we built our first weatherlab vehicle we knew we couldn’t use an anemometer with any moving parts as driving around at highway speeds would quickly destroy it. A mobile installation can bring out the worst in some products -- frequent loss and application of AC power and vibration can make them unreliable or non-functional. I believe my skeptical comment was ‘well, if it breaks in a month at least it will look cool on the roof.’

CBS4 Mobile Weather Lab with Pulsar™ Weather Station

Mobile Weather Lab reporting out in a snowstorm.

“To my pleasant surprise the device was rock solid reliable and comes online very quickly.”

“To my pleasant surprise the device was rock solid reliable and comes online very quickly. In our weatherlab your weather stations are used for ‘show and tell’ and adds to the visual storytelling for the viewer.

“The one we have at the station is mounted on top of our outdoor roof top weather set. It is a more realistic representation of metro Denver weather than our airport METAR data and is the temp displayed on our CBS4 time temp bug. Additionally, our weather folks use WeatherMaster for their internal almanac. They use it to track daily highs, lows, max winds, etc. each day, and we use that data for the on-air almanac they show for downtown Denver.”

CWS tech Vincent has done some recent work to customize their WeatherMaster software with the CBS logo as well as screen size to better fit their monitor.

Weather Master software

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