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Air Force Base

Air Force Base Utilizes Weather Stations for Range of Military Operations

Eglin Airforce base, located in Northwest Florida, is the premier test and evaluation center for Air Force weapons, navigation/guidance systems and Command and Control systems.

The base has used Columbia Weather Systems weather stations since 2004. Orion Weather Stations are installed in various locations on base as resources for a range of military operations.

Jet flying over Eglin Airforce Base

Jet flying over Eglin Airforce Base

Initially implemented for development of the JSTAR (Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System) program, the Orion Weather Stations are currently mounted at each end of a r­unway and are being used for historical data for “isolated weather monitoring for security equipment,” according to engineer Renzo Orezzoli.

Met data is monitored with Weather Master Software via the Weather MicroServer.

Orion Weather Station

Orion Weather Station installed by runway at Eglin Airforce Base

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