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Green Roof: Facility Management

Saddlebrook energy saving facility

Saddlebrook Joint Facility, Nebraska

Grant money and pooled resources have driven an innovative building project in the community of Omaha, Nebraska. The Saddlebrook Joint Facility is a collaborative effort between the Omaha Public Schools, Omaha Public Library and City of Omaha Parks and Recreation for a community-based public use facility.

As part of that vision, a green roof is incorporated on one section of the building and two Capricorn 2000 weather stations monitor the differences in meteorological parameters for the two different roofs. Of primary concern is temperature. Each weather station has three temperature sensors - one in the insulation, one at 12 inches, and one at six feet above the roof surface.

Customized Weather Master™ Software displays the dual station weather parameters on monitors in the library and along the walking track that surrounds the upper level of the gym and provides visual access to the green roof.

The weather stations are being used to help compare energy efficiencies between the two roofs. Kevin Schluckebier of BCDM architectural firm reports, “One day last summer there was an almost 30 degree difference - 98 on the green roof, 125 on the traditional roof. You can see that the roofing material waterproof membrane will likely last longer on the green roof.” Additional considerations include the impact on HVAC systems.

Douglas County and the City of Omaha teamed up to pool grant money from the State of Nebraska to incorporate the green roof, weather stations and bioswale in this unique facility which houses an elementary school, a public library and community center.

The 111,056 SF facility is organized around a central "Commons" hub, which serves as the circulatory and symbolic center of the building. It is a welcoming place for meetings, gatherings, art, display, entry and security.

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Weather Stations

Below left: Capricorn 2000 Weather Station monitoring conditions on the green roof. Photo by Kessler Photography / courtesy BCDM Architects.

Center: The monitor on the back wall displays the WeatherMaster screen in the library, readily accessible to school children and library patrons. Photo by Kessler Photography / courtesy BCDM Architects.

Right: Custom WeatherMaster screen displays data from both weather stations simultaneously.

Weather station on green roof
Weather Software monitors green roof
Custom weather software monitors green roof
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