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Mobile Weather Tracking

13WHAM Mobile Weather Authority, Rochester NY

A mobile broadcast communication truck and “rolling weather station” provides 13WHAM television station in Rochester, NY a unique tool to accomplish their goals:

  • Track Western NY Weather
  • Educate students in meteorology
  • Maintain competitive advantage
Meteorology Education

Students from Barclay Elementary check out the vehicle: “It was amazing and I really liked the way that we actually got to see the wind speed.”

Mobile Weather Station

The Magellan MX500 monitors wind direction and speed, temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity with GPS and compass reaadings.

Glenn Johnson

“..high quality, self-contained and low maintenance at a reasonable price.”

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Mobile Weather Authority

WHAM Mobile Weather Authority features the Magellan MX500 Weather Station


Western New York has some of the most unique weather in the country. Day to day, even hour to hour, changes can be dramatic with snow squalls, high winds, intense thunderstorms and beautiful sunshine. The weather team at WHAM wanted a mobile weather monitoring system to help track Western NY weather – not only to follow the aftermath of a storm, but also to track and chase during a storm.


The solution was a customized SUV outfitted with some of the latest technology – both for broadcasting “on-the-road” and mobile weather monitoring.

According to Chief Meteorologist Glenn Johnson, WHAM purchased a Magellan MX500™ Weather Station from Columbia Weather Systems because they were “looking for high quality, self-contained and low maintenance at a reasonable price.”

Meteorological parameters are displayed on a monitor with CWS’s proprietary WeatherMaster™ Software. Johnson reports, “The display gives us an uncluttered easy-to-read view on the weather.”

Mobile Weather Education and Tactical Advantage

The Mobile WHAM Weather Authority SUV makes “field trips” as an educational tool with meteorologists visiting area schools. “School kids love the product,” says Johnson.

At a recent visit to Barclay Elementary school, one student commented, “I like that it can tell you the weather and it looks good too!”

WHAM Weather Authority is the only station in Rochester with this cutting-edge technology, giving them a competitive advantage in their market.

WeatherMaster Software

WeatherMaster Software customized to display the 13WHAM logo.

Professional Weather Stations. Professional Weather Monitoring.

Integrating cutting-edge technology in met sensor and monitoring options, at Columbia Weather Systems our job is to make weather monitoring easy, so professionals like the team at 13WHAM can focus on doing their job best.

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