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National Park Visitor Center

Weather Station / LEED certified building

Lassen Volcanic National Park's LEED Certified Visitor Center, California

When Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California decided to build a LEED certified Visitor Center, they chose the Capricorn 2000EX™ Weather Station to be an integral component. The Park's Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center uses the weather station to retrieve and store data in the event of an audit by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The center's electric and heating system automatically adjusts to temperature and daylight, and the weather station generates data to confirm the system's proper functionality.

Amanda Whitty, in Natural Resources for the park, said, “During the development process of the new visitor center, our project manager selected the Capricorn Weather Station in part for…such outstanding customer service for a superior product.” Park officials also appreciate the “easy to use web interface and Weather Master Software™.

The Park has further plans to create a system that will feature the weather station's data on its website. In addition, it is in the process of developing an avalanche forecast system for use by both ski patrol and backcountry users.

The Visitor Center offers a variety of features including interpretive exhibits and displays as well as an auditorium for showing a park film and holding special events. This facility anticipates serving 400,000 visitors each year with its attractions, increased accessibility and park orientation.

One of the earliest national parks to be designated by Congress, Lassen Volcanic is situated within mountain forests where hissing fumaroles and boiling mud pots continue to shape the land. Park visitors enjoy camping, Drakesbad Guest Ranch and a variety of summer activities. The guest ranch offers a variety of activities such as wildlife viewing, hiking, canoeing, several trails and a number of games. Summer activities include kayaking and boating, horseback riding, fishing, bird watching and more.

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Lassen Peak reflecting in Lake Helen

Lassen Peak reflecting in Lake Helen

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