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Research: Mobile Environmental Lab

Environmental Monitoring Field Research

Envirolytics CEO shows Nader the SciArk lab.

Envirolytics CEO Alan Joseph shows Nader the SciArk.

The SciArk® is a “field-deployable, alternate-fuel, EPA certified, zero emissions, solar and wind assisted mobile lab.” Designed by Envirolytics, this “laboratory in a van” is outfitted with a Magellan MX501™ Weather Station with Weather MicroServer for applications requiring accurate met data.

Envirolytics builds “customized mobile platforms and portable power plant solutions for scientists, companies, and equipment manufacturers...” according to their website. The patent-pending vehicles enable researchers to run their instruments and devices for extended periods of time at a field location or while in transit.

Applications span the range of industries and government agencies including forensics, medical, and environmental monitoring.

We connected with Envirolytics CEO Alan Joseph at the 2018 National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference in Portland and had the opportunity to see the SciArk® firsthand. “You have a great product! We couldn’t do what we do without you guys,” he said.

The Magellan MX line from CWS is ideal for mobile applications, combining a multi parameter weather sensor with GPS and an internal compass for automatic self-alignment of wind direction.

SciArk with Magellan MX501

The mobile lab can be customized for applications requiring accurate met data.

Magellan MX501 mounted on SciArk.

Magellan MX501 mounted on the SciArk.

Weather Microserver installed in the SciArk.

The SciArk utilizes the Weather MicroServer.

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