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Solar Energy Projects

Swinerton Renewable Energy, North America

Solar Weather Station

This weather station installation shows the two radiation sensors, one at plane of array and one at GHI, as well as the Orion™ weather sensor module on the mast at right. Photo courtesy of Industrial Electrical Contactors Ltd.

Monitoring weather conditions helps optimize performance of utility-scale solar panel arrays.

Weather stations from Columbia Weather Systems provides meteorological data to Swinerton's proprietary SCADA system at solar energy project sites. The construction company offers turn-key solar power solutions for utility-scale and distributed generation projects.

Joe Brotherton, manager of the technical services team, reports that Swinerton’s operations and maintenance management offers performance guarantees based on site analysis. Monitoring weather conditions is vital to optimizing performance.

Swinerton’s weather stations include the Orion sensor module plus a panel temperature sensor and two solar radiation sensors – one at plane of array and the other on a tracker. The system is connected through the Weather MicroServer.

“​We like the price point, always get a response, and it integrates easily into our SCADA system.”

On this Swinerton project, Columbia Weather integrated the Hukseflux SR20 solar sensor. SR20 is a pyranometer of the highest category in the ISO 9060 classification system: secondary standard. This solar radiation sensor is used where the highest measurement accuracy is required.

Swinerton Renewable Energy is a branch of Swinerton Incorporated family of companies offering commercial construction services throughout the Western United States.

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