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New Weather Station with GPS Ideal for Vehicle Installations

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Magellan MX500 Weather Station

Magellan MX500 Sensor with internal compass and GPS, pressure, temp, humidity and wind sensors.

The Magellan MX is a new weather station line from Columbia Weather Systems offering GPS and compass readings, particularly useful for vehicle and mobile applications requiring real-time met data on the go, such as incident command centers and hazmat vehicles.

Magellan MX weathers stations offer four different all-in-one parameter configurations.

MX600: rain gauge, ultrasonic wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, compass, GPS

MX500: ultrasonic wind speed and direction, pressure, temperature, relative humidity, compass, GPS

MX300: pressure, temperature, relative humidity (no compass or GPS)

MX200: ultrasonic wind speed and direction, compass, GPS

For models with wind sensors, measurements are automatically compensated using the compass and GPS readings.

Data can be monitored with WeatherMaster Software, a touchscreen Weather Display console, and/or the Weather MicroServer for Internet and SCADA protocols. The Weather MicroServer also offers additional sensor ports.

Magellan MX Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations

Magellan MX Portable Weather Stations

Magellan MX Fixed-Base Weather Stations

Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations

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