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2019 News Archive

In this 4-minute video, Vincent explains the process of installing an Orion weather station all-in-one sensor module with ultrasonic wind speed and direction, impact rain sensor, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Video includes description of the sensor, alignment of wind direction, connection of lightning arrestor, Interface Module and connections to various weather monitoring options.

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New website design 2020

The Main Dashboard now features a 30-second standard deviation for wind direction.

The latest release of the Weather MicroServer (version 2.8.10378 or later) includes new real-time monitoring screens. Updated to align more closely with WeatherMaster™ Software and the Cloud Weather Server™, the Main Dashboard provides real-time data for the principal meteorological parameters, including a wind direction dial with a 30-second standard deviation for wind direction. This new feature was added based on customer feedback and integration with CAMEO/ALOHA for first responders.

The Auxiliary screen provides real-time data for additional sensors such as Solar Radiation and Visibility, as well as calculated parameters such as Wet Bulb Temperature, Heat Index, Dew Point and Wind Chill.

The Trend screen provides a trend graph of a selected parameter for the current day.

The Latest Measurements screen displays the real-time values of all the available parameters at two-second intervals.

The Main Dashboard and Auxiliary screens can be factory-customized to meet specific industry requirements.

Columbia Weather’s proprietary Weather MicroServer offers a variety of Internet and industrial protocols for automated reporting via computer or industrial automation system.

For additional features such as database, daily and monthly reports, and alarms, the Weather MicroServer can be used with WeatherMaster™ Software.

To upgrade an existing MicroServer to take advantage of the new features, contact us at:

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New website design 2020

Updated look, increased functionality and improved navigation

Our newly designed website is live! With an updated look, increased functionality, and improved navigation, getting information on the best weather monitoring system for your needs is now more seamless and accessible. Take a look and let us know what you think!

IR sensor

The IR Sensor is mounted at an intersection in North Liberty

When the City of North Liberty, Iowa was looking to expand their weather monitoring for road safety/maintenance, they came back to Columbia Weather Systems. The new solution integrates an infrared road surface temperature sensor with an Orion 533™ Weather Station for year-round weather monitoring.

Read the case study here

Cris Gonzalez

Cris is our new Assembly Technician

We recently welcomed Cris Gonzalez to the CWS team! In his new role as Assembly Technician, he is responsible for building and testing sub-assemblies and sensors.

“I like being part of the process from start to finish and being able to see a finished product,” he says. Cris currently majors in Chemistry at Portland State University and enjoys going to concerts in his spare time.

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