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Hazmat Command Truck Features Orion Weather Station with WeatherMaster Software

“Our city is really built on oil and gas and agriculture, so we have a large presence of oil and gas development with a lot of hazardous materials in our community.” In the video (see link below), Fire Chief Fred Burrows explains the requirement for the Hazmat Command Truck for the City of Fort St. John, British Columbia. The specs include an Orion™ Weather Station with WeatherMaster™ Software. Located along the Alaska Hwy, the city of 25,000 has a fire protection area of 16 square miles, with highway rescue 200 km west and north.

The Hazmat vehicle was built by SVI Trucks of Fort Collins, Colorado, featuring a dual slide-out command center equipped with the advanced technology, custom storage, and equipment to keep incident responders working in potential subzero temperatures.

The Orion all-in-one meteorological sensor module is custom-mounted and stored in an enclosure on the roof. Interface to weather station is available with interconnected interior, exterior, and cab workstations providing up-to-the minute information to crews and command.

“This will be particularly useful in the future as LNG becomes a big part of our makeup in Ft. St. John and the chemicals and resource development that happen with it,” Chief Burrows concludes.

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