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New Environmental Heat Stress System: Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature System

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature System

Weather Display

Weather Display with Wet Bulb Globe Temperature data

Columbia Weather System's Heat Stress System was developed for the US Coast Guard in Florida to help keep workers safe in extreme heat and humid environments. A key component in this project was the stand-alone Weather Display Console, as the customer did not want to interface the met sensors to an IT network for security reasons.

The Wet Bulb Globe Temperature System lists for about US$4,000 and includes:

  • Capricorn FLX Control Module
  • Black Globe Temp Sensor - hollow copper sphere with a matte black finish with temperature probe
  • Ambient Temp Sensor
  • Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Self-Aspirating Radiation Shield for Ambient Temp and RH sensors
  • Weather Display Console – Custom screen displays WBGT, Wet Bulb Temp, Ambient Temp, Globe Temp, and BP (Additional features include Trend, Min/Max, Alarm) Sensors include 50-feet of cable each
  • Additional sensors such as wind and solar radiation are available for custom configuration​​

Heat stress includes a series of conditions where the body is under stress from overheating. This dangerous condition can be prevented by vigilant environmental monitoring and adherence to recommended guidelines.

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