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West Coast Wildfires Affect Air Quality

Oregon Wildfire Smoke by Bethany Villero

Air quality indexes reached hazardous levels during recent West Coast wildfires.

Orion AQM Plus

The Orion AQM Plus measures common pollutants and met parameters.

Last month’s devastating wildfires along the West Coast have brought the effects of air quality to the forefront of conversation. With particulate matter from wildfire smoke reaching "hazardous" levels throughout California and the Pacific Northwest, supervisors have been relying on accurate, localized data for critical decision making.

Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring systems from Columbia Weather provide accurate, on-site data for analysis, compliance, and safety. The Orion AQM measures common gaseous pollutants along with temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. The Orion AQM Plus includes particulate measurement with PM 2.5 and PM 10 sensors.

In addition to public safety, measuring air quality is useful for industrial emission monitoring, building automation, and air quality research applications.

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Orion Air Quality Monitoring Systems

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