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Plume Modeling with Magellan MX Portable Weather Station

Yokohama National University Professors and students with Magellan Weather Station

From the left, Nakarai, Prof. Atsumi Miyake, Dr. Nakayama, two students, and Dr. Shiota, with the Magellan MX500 Portable Weather Station.

Researcher/Meteorologist Michel Mesquita

Comparison of wind speed between ALOHA text description and WeatherMaster.

Weather Master Software Page

5 Reasons Incident Response Needs a Weather Station

Toyoaki Nakarai, former visiting professor of Environment and Information Sciences at Yokohama National University in Japan, and his team have been working with the Magellan MX™ Portable Weather Station.

They are collaborating with Yokohama Fire Department because “there are many chemical companies in their responsible field.”

These photos show their success in plume modeling utilizing the weather station data with ALOHA.

WeatherMaster and ALOHA software

ALOHA simulation result, transferred to Google Earth, through Marplot.

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