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Weather Display Updates

desktop weather display console

Desktop Weather Display Console

We have made new updates to the touchscreen Weather Display for enhanced navigation and user experience! Compatible with all CWS Weather Stations, this product is designed to make viewing weather data easy from a distance.

Here are the new features on the console itself:

  • Quick Trend – access trend data from the Main Menu. For example, pressing the Temperature box displays Temperature Trend
  • Daily Stats screen replaces Min/Max with expanded parameter information
  • Vector Mean Wind Direction Dial indicator

Network connect updates include:

  • New network browser dashboards (Real-time, Trend graphs, Auxiliary, and Latest Measurements).
  • Weather Underground and CWS Cloud Weather Server interface options to upload data automatically for Internet accessibility

The Weather Display is utilized in space research, oil, broadcasting, hazmat, and military applications with customers including NASA, Boeing, Farber Specialty Vehicles, CBS TV, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Current customers can email for upgrade information. This upgrade is available for models Weather Display purchased after April 2017.

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