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Weather Monitoring "Enhances Business" for Aerial Imaging Company

Orion Weather Station

An Orion Weather Station is installed on the roof and includes a separate solar radiation sensor.

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“Imaging the world with lidar, photography, and aerial cinema” is the theme for GEO1. From a hangar located near Los Angeles, Calif., they offer services including lidar, high resolution imaging, and geo-spatial analysis.

CEO Ron Chapple recently expressed appreciation for the free firmware upgrade to their Weather MicroServer, and sent a couple nice photos of their Orion Weather Station installation which includes a separate solar radiation sensor. “The station has worked perfectly since installation,” he noted.

He added that their weather station “enhances our business” in these three ways:

  1. Location-specific weather data is provided for pilots landing helicopters at their hangar.
  2. Freely sharing weather data enables good business relationships with both clients and competitors.
  3. The weather data is integrated into deliverables when acquiring engineering-grade lidar within 15 miles of their facility on electric utility corridors.

With the Weather MicroServer and WeatherMaster Software, Aerial Filmworks interfaces their weather station to Weather Underground.

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