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Weather Station Helps Scientists Study Endangered Birds On Norway Island

Orion Weather Station

An Orion Weather Station near the highest point on the island.

Researcher/Meteorologist Michel Mesquita

Researcher Michel Mesquita by a seabird population on the island.

Orion Weather Station Page

Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research Article

On the small island of Hornøya in Norway, an Orion Weather Station installed on the highest cliff has been helping scientists gather data on endangered seabird populations since 2016.

Researchers from Uni Research Climate and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research study how the changing climate affects the thousands of birds who make the island their home in the summer months.

“We want to study if weather patterns affect the route taken by these seabirds to find food, or if bad weather can make them more stressful, or whether other behavioral changes can be due to weather patterns,” writes researcher Michel Mesquita.

"We can now gather wind, pressure, rainfall, temperature, and humidity data at high temporal resolution thanks to the new weather station we installed on the island. We hope to obtain more funding to continue our collaboration and research work, such that we can understand more about the behavior of seabirds and the impact future changes in climate can have on them.”

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Photos courtesy of Michel Mesquita

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