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Weather Stations an Important Element of Container Port Operations

Container ship at Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited.

A container ship at the port. Capricorn FLX Weather Stations are utilized "to monitor weather conditions at the terminal to inform various aspects of our operations on a 24-hour basis".

“During my research, I found Columbia Weather Systems offered detailed yet simple information about their Weather Monitoring solutions.” Christopher Gayle, Environmental Specialist at Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited, gave us insight to how recently installed Capricorn FLX™ Weather Stations are an important element of operations at the terminal.

Situated at one of the world’s largest natural harbors, Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited operates as the largest container handling facility in the Caribbean, facilitating the import and export of goods to and from Jamaica with over 1,000 containers delivered weekly according to their website.

Monitoring on-site meteorological parameters is valuable on several levels.

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