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Hyper-Local Weather Data Still Critical for Incident Response

1999 Columbia Weather Systems Newsletter

Our 1999 CWS ReCap Newsletter showcased the Westmont Mobile Command Center.

New Mobile Command with Magellan MX Vehicle-Mount Weather Station

Westmont's new mobile unit featuring a Magellan MX500 weather station (seen mounted on roof).

The Westmont, IL fire department has been a loyal customer for over 25 years! Back in 1999, our CWS ReCap Newsletter showcased their Command and Communications vehicle, complete with the (since retired) Capricorn II weather station.

In an excerpt from the newsletter, Fire Chief Frank Trout says: "If there is a hazardous materials incident, or a fire, or EMS incident, we send our van to it becomes the mobile communications point.

"When we're outside fighting fires or hazmat or whatever it may be, it's good to know wind speed and direction, temperature, and humidity . . . Monitoring the weather is not so much a regulation, it's a professional thing to do."

Westmont Fire continues to rely on professional weather equipment for their emergency operations.

As weather technology has evolved over the years, they've kept their equipment up to date.

Their most recent addition is a state-of-the-art mobile command center from LDV. "We now have a brand-new vehicle with a CWS (weather station) also installed in it and we enjoy the new capabilities of this new vehicle," current Deputy Director David Lincoln commented. The rig features a Magellan MX500 Weather Station with Weather Master Software and a Weather Display Console.

25 years later, monitoring hyper-local #weatherdata is still not only a “professional thing to do,” but a critical aspect of safe and effective incident response.

Thanks to LDV for the "then" and "now" photos!

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