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New Weather Server Alarms Feature

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The new alarms feature allows supervisors to make quick decisions in the field for crew safety.

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Set custom alarms to trigger instant alerts via email and push notification.

Do high temperatures or high winds or other weather conditions impact the safety of your work crew or equipment?

To help monitor personnel safety, the City of Calgary uses Columbia Weather Systems’ Cloud Weather Server to observe meteorological parameters from three Orion Weather Stations. Their operations react to high winds and they requested an alarm feature for notification.

All users can now receive instant email alerts or phone notifications when alarm conditions are reached with the new version of the Cloud Weather Server. With important real-time met data, supervisors or crew members can make quick decisions in the field.

Alarms can be set for any measured or calculated parameter for upper, lower, or range limits. For example, in Oregon OSHA permanent rules for heat illness prevention, requirements for high heat practices kick in when the heat index reaches 90 degrees with increased communication and rest requirements for outdoor workers. Other applications include high wind parameters for crane operations or freezing temperatures for dispatch.

The Cloud Weather Server is included with the Weather MicroServer monitoring option available with any met station model from Columbia Weather Systems..

Weather Server Alarms User Guide

Weather MicroServer Page

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