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Orion Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Orion Air Quality Monitor (AQM Plus)

Orion AQM Plus™ measures gaseous pollutants, met parameters, and particulates.

Air Quality Monitoring from Columbia Weather Systems

Professional air quality monitoring systems provide immediate, on-site data for analysis, compliance, and decision-making.

  • Monitor both air quality and met data with near reference measurement performance
  • All-in-one units offer four common gaseous pollutants: nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone (O3), plus Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10)
  • MicroServer-based monitoring also offers individual sensor options
  • Additional meteorological sensors can be integrated such as wind, precipitation, and solar radiation
  • Cost-effective, compact sensor solution
  • All air quality sensors integrate with the Weather MicroServer for monitoring via Cloud Server, any Internet Browser, SCADA systems and/or various industrial protocols.

Purpose of Air Quality Monitoring

Make your environment a healthier and safer place by measuring, analyzing, and understanding the data of air pollution.


Urban air quality networks, industrial emission monitoring, building automation, and air quality research.

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Orion AQM

  • Gaseous pollutants: NO2, SO2, CO, and ozone O3
  • Humidity, air pressure and temperature
Air Quality Plus Met

Orion AQM Plus

  • Particles (PM2.5 and PM10)
  • Gaseous pollutants: NO2, SO2, CO, and ozone O3
  • Humidity, air pressure and temperature
Particle Monitor

Individual Sensors

  • Particle Concentrations
  • Carbon Dioxide


Weather MicroServer

Air Quality Monitor Screen

MicroServer AQM Plus Realtime Display Screen

  • Internet-ready Data
  • Cloud-based Weather Server Option
  • Interface to Industrial Protocols
  • Additional Met Sensor Options

Cloud Weather Server

Air Quality with Wind/Rain

Cloud Server AQM Plus shown with additional wind and rain sensors

  • Real-time Monitoring with any Internet Device
  • Updates Every 5 Seconds
  • Security Solution for One or More Stations
  • Free with Weather MicroServer

WeatherMaster™ Software

WeatherMaster Screens
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Trends, Graphs, Max/Min
  • Historical Archive
  • Automatic Feeds


Air Quality

AQM measures the most common gaseous pollutants nitrogen dioxide (NO 2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone (O3), with near-reference measurement performance. Incorporating temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, algorithms compensate for the impact of ambient conditions on the sensor elements.

With an enclosure made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, and a protective rating of IP65, the AQM sensors are built to withstand industrial environments.

Gas Measurement Performance

Gas Range Detection Limit Field Accuracy
NO2 2000 ppb 5 ppb ±25 ppb
SO2 2000 ppb 5 ppb ±60 ppb
CO 10000 ppb 10 ppb ±200 ppb
O3 2000 ppb 5 ppb ±50 ppb

*90 % confidence interval in comparing with reference instrument, includes T and %RH dependence in typical field conditions and sensor drift during calibration interval. Electrochemical cell replacement interval 12–24 months, depending on local conditions.

Meteorological Measurement Performance Specs

Humidity Accuracy: 0 - 90 %RH: ±5 %RH; 90 - 100 %RH: ±8 %RH

Humidity Resolution: 0.1 %RH

Temperature accuracy (at +20°C/68°F): ±0.3 °C (0.17 °F)

Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C / 0.1 °F

Pressure accuracy: ±10 hPa

Pressure resolution: 1 hP

AirQuality Plus

The Orion AQM Plus incorporates all the features of the AQM, PLUS Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10) in the ambient air. Proprietary algorithms that enable ppb measurements at an affordable price using electrochemical sensors.

Particle Measurement Performance Specs

Particle counter channels: PM2.5 and PM10

Particle diameter range: 0.3 - 10 μm (spherical equivalent)

Sampling time: 60 s

Sampling interval: 10 min

Sample flow rate: 0.9 SLM

Measurement range: PM2.5: 0 - 2000 µg/m3 ; PM10: 0 - 5000 µg/m3

Measurement resolution: 0.1 μg/m3

Particle Monitor

A laser optical sensor is used to detect and measure particulate concentrations up to 100 milligrams per cubic meter. The continuous flow optical sensor is combined with purge air to ensure accurate measurements in adverse environments. The optical sensor is enclosed with matched electronics and sensor display. Built-in calibration function is included. The standard unit is supplied with an internal flow system in a rugged weatherproof housing. Inlet assembly includes a built-in heater to prevent moisture penetration and a size selected inlet to allow particle passage without allowing foreign matter to penetrate. Power for the heater is regulated, and is only used when moisture is detected. Requires serial port.

Range: 0-100 mg/M3

Sensitivity: 0.001 mg/ M3

Accuracy: ± 5% to traceable standard with .6 um PSL

Display: LCD Display provides information on operation including: power, heater power, flow operation, status and concentration.

Flow Rate: 2 liters minute

Carbon Dioxide Sensor

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor uses an infrared light source to measure ppm-level carbon dioxide. The sensor is configured for analog output.

The sensor is installed in a self-aspirating radiation shield to protect it from the effects of solar radiation. The sensor should be installed in a location that represents ambient atmospheric CO2 levels.

Measurement Range: 0 – 1000 ppm CO2

Accuracy: (including repeatability and non-linearity): ±40 ppm CO2 at 77 °F and 29.91 inHg

Output: 0 – 2.5VDC

Operating Temperature: -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to +60°C)

Operating voltage: 12 - 30 VDC

Power consumption: 0.4 W in continuous operation

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