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CWS Weather Monitor App

CWS Weather App

CWS Weather Monitor App for easily accessible weather data.

The CWS Weather Monitor App is compatible with all CWS weather stations that include the Weather MicroServer. The app is available free of charge on the App Store for Apple and Android devices – search for Columbia Weather Systems.

This app makes it easier to quickly check current conditions from a hand-held mobile device for decision-making in the field. Data is formatted to be easily read in industrial or chaotic environments such as incident response, even on a small phone screen.

CWS Weather Monitor App includes three real-time monitoring screens which display standard meteorological parameters (depending on sensors available).

“After researching multiple commercial-grade weather stations, we chose to purchase from Columbia Weather Systems because it seemed like the best combination of commercial-grade durability, accuracy of info, and usability for accessing the data on the go.”

Weather App Main Screen

Main Screen includes a wind dial showing the wind direction, wind speed, a representation of the 30-second wind direction standard deviation and vector mean. The Main Screen also displays temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and rain accumulation for the current day.

Weather App Wind Screen

Wind Screen displays wind averages of 3 seconds, 2 minutes, and 10 minutes; wind gusts of 10 minutes and 1 hour; 30-second vector mean wind speed and direction; and wind direction standard deviation.

Weather App Aux Screen

Aux Screen displays dew point, wet bulb temperature, heat index, wind chill, rain accumulation for week/month/year, rain rate, and solar radiation.

Weather App Forecast Screen

Forecast Screen provides a National Weather Service forecast for any U.S. ZIP code. Users can compare current weather station data with the forecast to improve operational decisions.

Additionally, the Units Screen provides options for various units of measure including metric.

The app is able to display the real-time weather data from multiple weather stations associated with the user account.

The app requires access to a Cloud Weather Server account, which is free to any customer with a Weather MicroServer purchased after 9/9/2015. (For MicroServers purchased prior to that, contact CWS for upgrade information.)

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