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Cloud-based Weather Server

Weather Server

The cloud-based Weather Server is the web-based monitoring service included with the Weather MicroServer.

Weather Server Overview

The Overview screen displays multiple stations simultaneously.

View Cloud Weather Server's Realtime Display in action

Our new cloud-based Weather Server features real-time weather data monitoring that is easily accessible on the Internet. Users can view the display screen remotely from any device using a web browser.

Multiple weather stations can be networked, with the display including an overview option to view key data points from weather stations simultaneously.

This feature is free with the Weather MicroServer.

  • For one or more weather stations.
  • Data is automatically uploaded every 5 seconds. 
  • A security solution for customers who are unable to upload data (via FTP) to their website or implement port forwarding. 
  • A no-hassle weather website for your organization.
  • Select units of measure.
  • Customization is available. 

Weather Master Software can be connected to the Weather Server to monitor and store the data from a remote weather station. It also includes graphing and alarm features.

CWS Weather Monitor App for met data on iPhone and Android mobile phones is available free with the Cloud Weather Server.

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