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Features- Magellan MX Weather Station

Magellan MX Weather Station

Magellan MX500 Sensor with internal compass and GPS, pressure, temp, humidity and wind sensors.

All-in-one Sensor Module with multiple sensor configurations

Model MX600 MX501MX500 MX300 MX200
Wind speed and direction X XX X
Air Pressure XXX X
Temperature X XX X
Relative Humidity X XX X
Rainfall X
Solar Radiation X

Magellan MX Weather Stations combine a multi parameter weather sensor with an internal compass and GPS for critical weather monitoring with automatic wind direction alignment.


  • Weather protected multi-sensor design
  • GPS for compensated wind speed
  • Automatic self-alignment of wind direction using internal compass
  • Reliable, quick deploy/install
  • Low power consumption - ideal for battery or solar-powered installations
  • No mechanical components
  • One year warranty
...high quality, self-contained and low maintenance at a reasonable price.” ~Glenn Johnson, 13WHAM chief meteorologist

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Magellan MX Weather Monitoring System Diagram

Magellan MX Weather Monitoring System Diagram