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Portable Weather Stations

Portable Weather Station

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Guide to Buying a Professional Weather Station

“The weather station functioned flawlessly with the interface with CAMEO and our new laptops.”

Popular with HazMat teams and environmental researchers alike, portable weather stations offer a rapid-deployment option for short-term on-site weather monitoring. US DHS SAVER report commended CWS for detailed user manual “easy to use and provided clear instructions” and “offering many easy-to-use display options.”

Portable weather stations offer rugged all-in-one sensor configurations for quick installation on a telescoping tripod mast. Sensor, batteries, and communication devices are self-contained in a rugged carrying case with wheels. Heavy-duty steel tripod mast with sling transport bag includes everything needed for speedy and secure set-up.

Available in Wireless and Datalogging Portable Weather Station configurations. Scroll way down for more detailed component descriptions.

Met Sensors X X
Transport Case X X
Transceivers X
Tripod with Bag X X

Weather Station Models.

Magellan MX Portable Weather Station

Magellan MX

  • Compass / GPS
  • All-in-one sensor with multiple configurations
  • No moving parts
  • Ultrasonic wind sensor
  • Optical rain sensor
  • Temperature, humidity, and pressure
Orion Nomad Portable Weather Station

Orion Nomad

  • All-in-one sensor head with multiple configurations
  • No moving parts
  • Ultrasonic wind sensor
  • Impact rain sensor
  • Temperature, humidity, and pressure

Compare Weather Station Features.

For comparison purposes, starting prices include optional WeatherMaster™ software.

Magellan MX Portable™ Orion Nomad™
WIND SPEED ultrasonic ultrasonic
WIND DIRECTION ultrasonic ultrasonic
TEMPERATURE MX300, MX500, MX501, MX600 standard
HUMIDITY models 300, 500, 501, 600 standard
BAROMETRIC PRESSURE MX300, MX500, MX501, MX600 standard
RAINFALL optical (MX600) standard impact
SOLAR RADIATION optional w/ MS* optional w/ MS*
ADDITIONAL TEMPERATURE optional w/ MS* optional w/ MS*
VISIBILITY optional w/ MS* optional w/ MS*
HEATED OPTIONS NA Heated sensor head optional
SENSOR CONFIGURATION All-in-one All-in-one
WARRANTY one-year standard
extended available
one-year standard
extended available
SYSTEM STARTING PRICE** $7,484*** (Model 500) $8,300

*Optional sensor requires Weather MicroServer.
**Price based on U.S. sale of portable weather station including all standard sensors and monitoring with optional Weather Master Software. For additional information including international pricing, call or email for a quotation.
***Magellan MX system price based on Model 500 with wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, compass and GPS

Wireless Portable Weather Station utilizes 2.4 GHz Wireless Transceivers:

Gives the system remote capability within two (2) mile line-of-sight range. FCC approved and license free.

Datalogging Portable Weather Station utilizes Weather MicroServer:

A data logger and powerful communication device, the Weather MicroServer stores data at a 1-minute interval with a 1-year capacity. For shorter-term data collection, a 1-second interval can be used. A web browser user interface provides real-time dashboards, configuration, and data export.

Both Configurations Include:

Transportation Case:
Rugged polyethylene carrying case with roller wheels houses batteries and transceivers (for wireless) or MicroServer (for datalogging) with quick-connect sensor plug-in jack. Foam padded interior protects sensitive equipment. Keeps all components in a constant state of readiness.

Tripod Sensor Mast:
Made of powder coated heavy-gauge steel for added protection against the elements. The mast has three removable legs with locking pins. Telescoping extension elevates to 10 feet overall maximum height. Includes: Guy-wire ring collar, guy-wires, grounding stakes, compass for north orientation, and heavy duty canvas transportation bag.

Battery Power System with Charger:
Two 12 volt sealed lead acid (SLA) gel batteries. Quick-charging battery system keeps a fresh battery in supply. Comes with a plastic carrying case to protect against weather elements and contaminants. Operating times for each battery:

Magellan MX Portable Weather Stations™ feature internal compass and GPS in an all-in-one sensor module with multiple sensor configurations including ultrasonic wind sensor, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and optical rain gauge. *Recommended for mobile applications due to GPS and compass with auto-alignment for wind direction.

Orion Nomad Portable Weather Stations™ feature an all-in-one sensor unit with ultrasonic wind direction and speed measurements, a highly-accurate impact rain sensor, capacitive relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure readings.

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