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Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations

Vehicle-Mount Mobile Weather Station

We are now able to receive ‘Live’ accurate weather data to use with the ALOHA Air Plume modeling program. Having ‘Live’ weather data is vital to our operation.” ~Lieutenant Pearson, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue

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Our Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations provide weather monitoring for mobile operations such as emergency apparatus, incident command and broadcast meteorology. Internal system components are permanently mounted in the vehicle.

Quick Deploy • Interoperability • Automation

Our mobile weather stations are quick to set up and within minutes can be automatically recording data for incident decision-making and reporting, as well as, transmitting data to programs such as CAMEO/ALOHA for plume modeling.

The 9-ft telescoping mast is detachable for transportation storage, then quickly clicks into place for rapid deployment. The entire system is operational within minutes to provide critical weather information where and when it is needed.

We can deploy within minutes after arriving on scene... There are no moving parts which make the system virtually ‘Fire Fighter Proof’! ~Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue

Weather Monitoring Options:

  • CWS's proprietary Weather Display Console AND/OR
  • Weather Master Software AND/OR
  • Weather MicroServer Internet-ready network capability and automation protocols

The bottom line is that the conditions at an incident may not be exactly as forecast or reported elsewhere. There’s no substitute for immediate, accurate, on-site weather data.


We've been in the business of weather monitoring for over 35 years. Our mobile weather stations were developed by a former Air Force meteorologist specifically for the public safety market.

Columbia Weather Systems makes weather monitoring easy so the First Responders can do their job.

Magellan MX Vehicle-Mount Weather Station

Magellan MX Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations feature internal compass and GPS in an all-in-one sensor module with multiple sensor configurations including ultrasonic wind sensor, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and optical rain gauge.

Orion Vehicle-Mount Weather Station

Orion Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations feature an all-in-one sensor unit with ultrasonic wind direction and speed measurements, a highly-accurate impact rain sensor, capacitive relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure readings. No moving parts enhances ease of use and durability. Increased resolution and accuracy make this system ideal for high-precision weather monitoring.

Capricorn FLX Vehicle-Mount Weather Station

Capricorn FLX Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations feature a modular system with multiple sensor options. The Control Module accepts signal inputs from an array of meteorological sensors. With durable aluminum/stainless steel construction, the wind direction and wind speed sensor offers two-degree wind direction resolution and high accuracy.