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Interfacing to PEAC with Weather Master

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PEAC® software provides Hazmat and CBRNE professionals with vital information on-scene. It is utilized by fire departments, emergency management, and Department of Defense agencies.

Interfacing PEAC with Weather Master software allows responders to incorporate real-time weather data to make informed decisions. This requires Virtual-Serial-Port software which can be purchased from Columbia Weather Systems in conjunction with Weather Master.

1. Install Weather Master software on the same computer running PEAC software.

2. In Weather Master, add your Weather Station. Please refer to Weather Master User Manual for detailed instructions.

Weather Master - Add weather station

3. Install Virtual-Serial-Port-Kit on the computer and define two virtual serial ports. One port will be for Weather Master and the second for PEAC. This utility will act as a virtual cable that will transfer data from one port to the other.

Add virtual serial port kit screen

4. In Weather Master software, click on Configuration/Weather Stations menu item.

5. Check Interface to Aloha.

6. Under Aloha Output, select one of the COM ports and click OK to close the window.

Interface to Aloha screen

7. At this point, Weather Master will output the SAM data over the COM port.

8. In PEAC software follow instructions to create a weather data source [Edit] ... [Options] … [Weather] and select the second virtual COM port to receive the data.

PEAC Weather Station screen

9. You will be instructed to close and reopen PEAC. Upon re-opening, weather data will be displayed in the rotation in the upper right hand corner.

PEAC Current Weather

If the selected hazardous material produces a poisonous vapor cloud and the PEAC system has sufficient information in its database to calculate a Protective Action Distance (PAD), the PEAC screen will display a PAD icon at the top of the screen. Clicking on it will open the PAD Calculator, wherein clicking the [Get Weather] button automatically retrieves weather station data and populates the fields for Temperature, Wind Speed and Wind Direction. This and additional data integrate to provide a Plume Model and PAD report.

PEAC Meteorology Screen

Protective Action Distance Map

A quick test shows Protective Action Distance for hypothetical Ammonia leak near our location.


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