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Setting Up Weather Underground®

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Syncing weather station data from Weather Master™ or the Weather MicroServer™ to Weather Underground is an easy way to share and view your weather station information online. WeatherUnderground comes with a number of monitoring features, and allows you to view data from stations around the world.

Some of the features available include real-time monitoring, data maps, historical data and graphs, weather cams, and radar. You can also access these features from an iPhone or Android device through their app.

Click to our WunderStation and explore what Weather Underground has to offer.

Weather Underground screen

Linking your weather station to Weather Underground gives you more monitoring options.

A Weather Underground account and Station ID number are required before you can link your weather station.

  • Create an account by visiting Weather Underground at
  • Go near the bottom of their homepage. Under GET STARTED click Connect Now, or click this Link
  • Walk through the steps outlined by entering in the appropriate information
  • Once you submit, you will receive a Station ID number

Setting up Weather Underground on WeatherMaster

Weather Underground ID
  • To enable the feature in WeatherMaster, click Weather Underground from the Configuration menu
  • Enter your Weather Underground Station ID and password
  • Click OK
  • WeatherMaster uploads the weather data every 5-minutes to Weather Underground

Weather MicroServer Main Screen

Microserver Data Output Screen

  • To connect through the MicroServer, login to Device Admin and click on Data Output
  • For Weather Underground Output select “Enabled” then click Settings
  • Enter the Weather Station ID and Password and click OK
  • Click Apply Changes

Completed Set-Up

Once you have completed one of the Set-Ups, you should now be able to view weather station data in real-time from the Weather Underground website or mobile app.

A CWS weather station viewed from Weather Underground's website is shown.

Completed WU Setup

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