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App Update Adds Forecast Feature

CWS Weather Monitor App

Newly added Forecast Screen on the CWS Weather Monitor App

A new Forecast Screen on the updated CWS Weather Monitor App provides a National Weather Service forecast for any U.S. ZIP code. Users can compare current weather station data with the forecast to improve operational decisions.

The newly-released app version also includes some tweaks behind the scenes to enhance operation.

The app offers “instant data that experts can analyze when time is short,” according to Bear Valley Electric Engineering Supervisor. Additional customers include Nelson Irrigation, Brazos Pilots, and the City of North Liberty (IA).

The CWS Weather Monitor App is compatible with all CWS weather stations that include the Weather MicroServer. The app is available free of charge on the App Store for Apple and Android devices.

(*The app requires access to a Cloud Weather Server account, which is free to any customer with a Weather MicroServer purchased after 9/9/2015.)

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